Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey

The Dancing With the Stars surprises are suddenly adding up: Bristol Palin survives, yet again. Audrina Patridge is eliminated and the contestant judge Carrie Ann Inaba dubbed "the chosen one," Jennifer Grey, has to go back to basics before she implodes. 

"I think after what happened Monday night I might take a little bit different approach, choreography-wise," says Grey's pro partner, Derek Hough, looking humbled after hearing the judges describing Grey's dancing as out of control and telling her to "calm down." Is he going to simplify the routines? "No," says Hough. "Not make it simpler, but cleaner. I think on Monday night we got so into it that we got a little crazy. With her, I get a little carried away because she can do it. But it's kind of hit or miss. When it hits, like with our Argentine Tango, it's fantastic. But when it misses..." 

"I gotta tell you, my stamina is definitely an issue," says the 50-year-old Grey. "But I'm pushing through it. You know what? I'm just tired. There's no doubt about it, it's hard. There are no days off. And I think I forget how old I am. I always think I can do more than I can. But it's also really fun, so I've gotta focus on the fun and try to keep myself going."

Inaba says it's way too early to count Grey out. "Anybody could win this," says Inaba. "Unlike last season, where it seemed like somebody (Nicole Scherzinger) was obviously a frontrunner. This season, there are a lot more contestants playing at the same level, which makes it genuinely more exciting."

Does she think Grey has what it takes to overcome the fatigue and the pressure to win? "What impresses me about Jennifer is that there's a sensuality in the way she dances that is very unexpected. I remember her as 'Baby,' the girl from Dirty Dancing who is learning how to dance and is sort of awkward in her own body. But she owns it on the dance floor. She's got much more spark than I ever thought she would have. She fooled all of us."

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