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Backstage at Dancing with the Stars: Carson Kressley Is Jennifer Grey's Biggest Fan

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Carson Kressley was backstage at Dancing with the Stars Monday night, acting ...

Deborah Starr Seibel

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Carson Kressley was backstage at Dancing with the Stars Monday night, acting like a little kid hoping to see one of his favorite movie stars:  Jennifer Grey
"I'm rooting for her because she's Dirty Dancing," says Kressley. "She's our era, she's our Baby. Nobody puts Jennifer Grey in the corner — even at 50."
So why does the fashion stylist think Grey, who took the top spot on the leader board once again for her Argentine Tango, is doing so well? "I think the thing that sets her apart in this competition is that she's one of the few real actresses," says Kressley. "You can't just do the moves, like Audrina [Patridge], who's young and sexy and limber. You watch her and it's like, 'Are you doing your tax returns right now? Come to life!' Whereas Jennifer can act the part."
But Kressley's attention wasn't exclusively focused on his Dirty Dancing idol. "When Bristol Palin's pro [Mark Ballas] took his shirt off, I was like, 'Bristol, I don't even know who you are anymore. I've stopped watching.' Because it was all about Mark's abs."
Which is surprising, given all the attention paid to The Situation's abs on Monday night, exposed for his Argentine Tango. "The Situation is in a predicament right now," says Kressley, "because Mark has better abs. I think he might want to change his name because he's not doing so great on this show. I think Mark is the New Situation, and The Situation has become The Predicament. He's teetering on the edge."
And then there was Florence Henderson's raunchy rumba. "How about Carol Brady getting her groove back?" says Kressley. "Those were some high kicks. You see someone currently on TV, and I'm like, yeah, okay, whatever. But an icon? It's like, ohmygod, that's Carol Brady in a dress slit up to her thigh."
But even so, it was Jennifer Grey with whom he wanted to take his picture. "I just love you," he told her, as they posed for the cameras.
Who was your favorite dancer last night?
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