Returns: Wednesday, April 16, at 8:30 pm/ET (Fox) Number of new episodes: 5

Where we left off: Local news coanchors Chuck and Kelly struggled over whether to tell her 10-year-old daughter, Gracie, that he's her father. What's next: Chuck and Kelly continue to wrestle with the Gracie dilemma. "There are times when [Kelly] thinks [Chuck] has matured and is ready for this, and that it would be good for Gracie to have him as her dad," cocreator Christopher Lloyd says. "They are both edging up to the brink of telling her and then running from it." Pictures don't lie: As coworkers catch a whiff of the anchors' steamy past, key evidence is uncovered when sportscaster Marsh McGinley invites the gang over to his memorabilia-filled basement. Says Lloyd, "In the background of one of the photos, Chuck and Kelly are seen in a compromising position...." Watch full episodes | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage