The Bachelor - Jake Pavelka, Vienna The Bachelor - Jake Pavelka, Vienna

While Jake Pavelka's proposal to Vienna on Monday night's Bachelor season finale wasn't the outcome viewers may have hoped for, host Chris Harrison wants people to be "happy for them." Harrison also spoke to about what he thinks of the 32-year-old pilot competing on Dancing with the Stars and Ali as the new Bachelorette, and what the best part of Jason and Molly's wedding was. Looking back to Day 1, could you have guessed Jake would choose Vienna?
Chris Harrison: Not in a million years — Jake couldn't have guessed it. Honestly, Jake was looking for reasons to keep her [or] cut her; she was always the controversial figure, she was never really safe. It wasn't one of those seasons where we all sat back and enjoyed this beautiful love story from Day One like with Trista and Ryan, where you just knew it was destined. This one they fought like hell for. I know she's not a popular choice, I know people are even upset, but like Jake said ... "I know why I did this, that's all that's really important." Even if you're not happy about the pick, you at least have to give them credit and be happy for them that they're in love. And yet he said he put Tenley on a pedestal.
Harrison: I don't think he meant that she was too perfect, I think the problem with he and Tenley was it just wasn't there — that spark. I think he loved her, I think he liked her, I think he enjoyed her, I just don't think he was fully head-over-heels in love with her like he was with Vienna. When you greeted the women, did you already know the outcome?
Harrison: Oh yeah, I knew. What was tough is that the helicopter comes in then we have to take a bit of a car ride where I'm sitting with the person I know is about to be broken up with.

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Harrison: I thought it was very representative of the house where Vienna came in and she was the underdog right away and was having to battle, but unlike the house I think she learned a little about herself and was able to regroup and win the family over. Tenley is going to be perfect in any living room. You can't hate her. So I'm not surprised at all she was the favorite with the family from the get-go, but it was interesting to see Vienna win the family over eventually. Were you disappointed that Jake only pulled a "half-Mesnick" after dumping Tenley?
Harrison: Yeah, I thought he had more in him. [Laughs.] In all seriousness, he wasn't as distraught as Jason [Mesnick from Season 13]. He was upset about Tenley because it was hard, but it was only because he didn't want to hurt a friend or someone he cared about. He wasn't as nearly conflicted as Jason. Was Jeffrey Osborne performing "On the Wings of Love" during the After the Final Rose your idea?
Harrison: It was not my idea but that's probably one of the best ideas we've ever had. As cheesy as it was, it was one of the best moments of the nine years I've been doing this show. I loved it. I showed up and listened to him in the dress rehearsal, in the run-through, I could not get enough Jeffrey Osborne — I like that guy.

Watch The Bachelor: After the Final Rose in our Online Video Guide What are your thoughts about Jake being on Dancing with the Stars?
Harrison: I was shocked, completely and utterly shocked. ... I just don't think he has the dancing skills. He's got some competition. I love Jake, I wish him the best, but he might be a little out of his element here. And Ali is the new Bachelorette.
Harrison: I fought for Ali. Honestly, that was a unanimous decision. I think she's going to be terrific because she represents a lot of things. She's the girl-next-door, beautiful, professional, someone that's come off a bit of a controversy and learned that life lesson so I love the idea of her as the Bachelorette. How was Jason and Molly's wedding?
Harrison: The wedding was beautiful. The night before we were at the resort running into the friends and family at the bar; everyone's telling stories just like a normal wedding. ... it just happens to be on camera. Despite the rain and the skirmishes with the paparazzi, we had a blast and you could see it in Jason and Molly's faces they were so happy and so excited. It was a huge success.

The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney get married What familiar faces will we see?
Harrison: We had Ryan and Trista, Charlie [O'Connell] and Sarah [Brice], Jillian [Harris] and Ed, Jesse Csincsak ... And was Jason's little boy Ty a part of the ceremony?
Harrison: He was definitely a part of the wedding. I don't know if you'll see it on TV, and it's too bad if you don't, because that, to me, was the best part of the wedding. Ty comes running down the aisle; he didn't know where his dad was. Jason had just walked up to the altar and all of a sudden Ty goes sprinting down the aisle and tackles Jason. Jason falls backward and Jason's bawling by this point — we all are. If you have a son you can't help but think what that moment's like, so it was awesome.