Chris Harrison and Chris Soules Chris Harrison and Chris Soules

It was a night of several firsts on The Bachelorette's "Men Tell All."

On the season's penultimate episode, the majority of Andi's rejected suitors gathered to rehash the season with host Chris Harrison. But in addition to some very heated conversations, the show also brought back happily married couple Ashley and J.P. to talk about their exciting baby news — and get a live ultrasound! (Yes, you read that right.) The two hours also included an inquisitive audience member interrupting Chris' hot-seat time for what became somewhat of a mini-date. But was it all staged? And did the men really get everything off their chests? We were on the scene to figure out what went on behind the scenes! Plus: Harrison, Andi and some of the guys share their take on the night and give a preview of the finale.

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A live ultrasound kicked off the weird night
Ashley and J.P. stopped by for a catch-up — they're still in love and moving to Miami — and proceeded to have a live ultrasound to "determine the baby's sex." (Ashley actually spilled the news that it was a boy back in April.) No, Harrison didn't perform the procedure; that was done by a real doc, but it was still a tad odd, which even the host admitted. "Who does that? We do apparently," Harrison told us after the show.

The endless, heated debate over what Andrew said
Only a small portion of Andrew and J.J.'s disagreement, over whether the former really used the word "blackie," was shown, and many of the guys made it clear whose side they were on. (Marcus, Chris and Brian were not on Team J.J.) Marquel also explained that Andrew emailed him after the show, but never actually apologized. About the conflict, Marquel later told us, "I knew that was a topic of conversation that needed to be addressed. I didn't come in with ill will toward anyone, but [we had ] to clear the air not only for myself but the audience."

J.J. vied for more airtime 
While it appeared that J.J. interrupted Harrison immediately after the break following the original argument, it actually took place at the very end of the show. Since filming was just wrapping up, there was an audible groan as the "pantsapreneur" chimed in for a few extra minutes of airtime.

Everyone still loves Marquel 
The fan favorite, who gave the audience cookies, admits that he had no idea he had so many fans. "It is so flattering," he told us. "I purposely stay away from the blogs, but I catch wind of everything through my mother." He also shared one scene that he was surprised didn't make it to air. "With the strip tease, when I first got there, I told one of the producers, 'I'm not stripping down to my underwear,' and I was the one of the few to make that stance. I had a conversation with Andi and said, 'I'll take my shirt off,' but because of my faith and job I wasn't comfortable with doing it. She was very understanding and it was tasteful what they showed, but they didn't show that conversation."

The "date" with Chris was not staged
It did seem like a stunt the show would pull, but everyone — executive producers included — were left stunned by the girl who came on stage. When the segment went to break, both Chris and the girl thought their mics were off, but backstage we could all hear her tell him how she came in for the taping alone, to which Chris bluntly responded, "You've got balls." After the show, he told us, "I was sitting there and talking to Chris and kept hearing, 'Chris!' I thought, I'll wait for Chris Harrison to acknowledge this because I don't know what's going on and I need to focus on what I'm saying, so finally he stopped it and [acknowledged it] and she came down. I was totally caught off guard." Chris then played coy about whether he'll actually call her.

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Nick did not stop talking
There's always one guy or girl who didn't get much airtime during the season who tries to make up for it at the "Tell All." This time around it was Nick, who now has hair, who also explained that he had surgery before the show and had to shave his head.  "I barely remember him being on the show. He would not stop talking," Harrison told us. "He didn't like it when I said, 'No wonder she can't get in a word edgewise.'"

Both Nick and Patrick gave Andi a jab
Andi's time in the hot seat was pretty standard, but two of the men weren't gushing over her like the others. In addition to Nick saying Andi had her guard up, he also told her she was cold. Patrick, meanwhile, raised his "concern" that she left her job as an assistant district attorney.

A finale tease
About next week's finale, Andi shared her excitement with us for the viewers to meet her family again. "Hy and Patty make an appearance, [but] it's a very different perspective for my parents this season," she said. "Last season you saw a guy come into their home, dating four girls, and my dad expressed concern about that. They know it's only two guys now and they're here because I want them to be here. So you'll see a totally different side of the Dorfmans."

As for who she should pick...
Of course we polled a few of the guys for their input. Marquel said, "Nick and her give me that Notebook feeling," while Marcus told us, "I didn't get along with Nick that well and I'm really great friends with Josh and I see a great relationship that could happen with [them], so my vote is for Josh." Finally, Harrison said, "Josh is simple, comfortable, been-there-done-that and it's easy to fall back into that. Nick is the road less traveled and the road she'd like to be on and aspires to be on, but I'm not sure she can make that call when the pressure is on."

The Bachelorette finale airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.