Jeff and Ashley Jeff and Ashley

Bachelorette contestant Jeff went on the show with a mask so that Ashley would get to know the person inside, rather than focus on his looks. But as his elimination came on Episode 3, Ashley — and viewers — realized they didn't know anything about him. A few tidbits we learned from Season 7's masked man.

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The mask wasn't his only costume idea
"I knew I wanted to go in disguise," he says. Some of his other ideas? "I was thinking about doing a big fake mustache ... I thought about being a fake limo driver with a hat and gloves on — really throw everyone off.

He didn't wear the mask all day, every day
And he actually had two masks.

He only spoke to Ashley about three times
Viewers saw that Jeff didn't get too much time with Ashley, and he concedes that's true. So what did he tell her during those vital minutes? "Some of my best friends are rappers, I played hockey in college and I adopted a three-legged dog."  

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He owns a wine company.
He owns the Freaky Muscato wine brand. If the name fits ...

He likes bad-boy Bentley
"I hung out with Bentley a lot," he says. (The two were roommates in the mansion.) Jeff adds that Bentley's "reasoning" for leaving was genuine. "There is no doubt in my mind that he missed his daughter," he says adding, "I don't think Bentley is a total a--hole."

He's not as serious as he seemed
Jeff barely cracked a smile on the show, but he maintains he has a good sense of humor. "I make it a point every day to laugh and smile and try to put smiles on people's faces," he says.