Andi Dorfman and Chris Andi Dorfman and Chris

The Bachelorette's fan-favorite farmer exited in the most heartbreaking goodbye of the season.

On Monday's episode, Andi chose to forgo her individual room for the fantasy suite with both Nick and Josh but went into her final date with Chris unsure of what her decision would be. After a fun day of horseback riding, followed by Chris expressing his feelings for her even more during dinner, Andi realized she couldn't see a future with the Iowa native and that she didn't want to put him through another rose ceremony. The two parted ways and although devastated, Chris never wavered from being the gentleman he was all season long. Does Chris have any regrets about his journey? Did Andi really not know she was going to send him home that week? The two weigh in. Plus: Does Chris want Andi to choose Nick or Josh?

You might be the first contestant I haven't heard one negative thing about. Did you go in wanting to portray yourself a certain way?
Chris Soules: 
I went into it being true to myself and was 100 percent that the entire time. I got into some arguments and there were times I wondered what people would think of what I said, but I was myself and did what I felt was right the entire time and let the chips fall where they may. You want to have integrity for yourself, but I do that on a day to day basis and I make mistakes too and I know I did on the show but overall what you see is what you get with who I am, bad or good.

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Going into the fantasy dates, did you really not know you'd take him overnight?
 I definitely didn't know [which way] I was going to go. If I knew I wasn't taking him to the overnight I wouldn't have brought him to the Dominican Republic. I've been there, done that and I know the pressure that goes on in that situation. I have way more respect for him than that. That morning I was feeling out the date and I was coming down from this high of his hometown and getting back to the reality of it all. It was a tough decision. I postponed our dinner part and I thought about it a lot.

You and Marcus had progressed maybe more than you and Chris. Do you regret not taking him to overnights regardless of how well hometowns went with Chris?
 I hesitate to answer that because Marcus' family was great and there was nothing negative and, in fact, I knew the struggles he had gone through and I was surprised by the love in that house. It was just that Chris' family was so unbelievable and I felt immediately accepted. I remember telling them this is the first time I don't miss my family because they were a family to me. It was such a high and it was obvious it was between Chris and Marcus at that point.

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Do you have any regrets about how you left?
I left there heartbroken and I said what I wanted to say during that moment we had and put it out there. I bottom line respect her feelings so I can't question where she's at with her feelings. That's something way more important than opinion it is what it is. I said all I needed to say.

All of the final four men pretty much said they were in love. Did it make it harder that they were all so into you?
Andi: Chris [Harrison] and I always joke about it but it really was an embarrassment of riches. Every woman wants to be loved but when it's all in front of your face and you know you have to hurt somebody it's so much more difficult. There's a part of me that wishes two out of four were mean so I could be like, "Get out of here!" It's tough to sit there and say no to guys who are great; it makes it harder.

What did you learn from your experience? 
I felt like I put myself in a position that was very vulnerable and a position I've never felt. I learned how much I can take and handle — which at times I didn't know how much longer I could take it. It makes me feel hopeful that it's OK to do that and when I get the opportunity with the right person I can do that and still survive if it doesn't work out and still do it again. I'm 32 years old and have been through some pretty tough relationships. This one was different in a lot of ways but it also helped me learn a lot about myself and how to cope and put yourself in situations and manage it as an adult and without family and friends. I know it helped me grow.

Looking at the final two, who do you think she should end up with?
I really think that I see her more with Josh than anyone just because of similarities and I see the chemistry they have and she's totally drawn to him. But I also see where Nick is a good fit. If you asked me during the season I'd say Josh bar none [but] she and Nick have a neat chemistry now after watching that I see. 

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