Andi Dorfman, Boyz II Men Andi Dorfman, Boyz II Men

Through the years of The Bachelor and The Bachelorettewe've seen many of the men and women attempt to carry a tune. However, this week's group date may just take the cake as the worst singing performance from the show yet.

On Sunday's episode, Andi and some of the guys were treated to the vocal stylings of the Grammy-winning group Boyz II Men. But the guys were in for a surprise when they themselves had to perform everyone's favorite sexy time song "I'll Make Love to You" in front of an audience of 3,000. Needless to say only opera singer Bradley held his own, while the others hilariously failed.

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"That was the date of a lifetime," Dorfman told when asked about her favorite date of the season. "It was so fun, the band was so humble, it was one of those experiences where every single person had the biggest smile on their face and we all walked away saying, 'This was the best day ever.'"

In addition to the group date, during which Josh received the date rose, both Nick and J.J. had successful one-on-ones as well. While Nick admitted his skepticism over the "process" to Andi, he ultimately realized Andi was a girl he could see himself falling for. JJ, who's flown under the radar, got to see what he and Andi would like like, literally, if they were to grow old together. He too got a rose in the end.

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But unfortunately the fun was short-lived when some of the guys started to fight with each other during the week's cocktail party. J.J. and Josh confronted Andrew for apparently getting a waitress' number earlier in the week. Some words were exchanged until Andrew eventually explained his side of the story — he say he was just handed a number. While Andi wasn't made aware of the situation, and Andrew received a rose, the drama in the house was only just the beginning of an emotionally-charged two-part episode. Check back after Monday's episode for host Chris Harrison's take on what went down, who went home suddenly and why Andi was left crying. 

Watch a sneak peek below:

Bachelorette sneak peek