The Bachelor: Paris
This show cracks me up. Despite relocating to Paris with the promise of some added flavor and European flair, The Bachelor just can't break out of its tried-and-true formula: 25 attractive yet borderline crazy women, roses, rose ceremonies, hyperbole and an overly excited host. Don't get me wrong,

Chris Harrison embodies that perfect mix of solemnity (for love is a serious business) and cheesiness required for such a show, but it scares me that he seems more excited about the women than the actual bachelor does. Speaking of formulaic, this year's hunk, Travis Stork, though tall and handsome, is a bit of a Bachelor cliché. No doubt he's a great candidate for the show, but are attractive white males the only American men in search of wives? For a show that is desperately trying to break out of a self-imposed rut (remember the Charlie O'Connell season?) it might try to broaden its horizons just a bit.

As for the women, I had hoped for a bunch of continental ladies (they certainly made the show for Joe Millionaire II). This season's batch is another group of pseudopageant types who have been transplanted to France from the States. But I must applaud their many creative hairstyles. It was like visiting Baltimore. If you've ever had the pleasure of buzzing through that city, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not, plan a trip to the Inner Harbor in the summer and just look around. To my eyes, Travis had immediate chemistry with Cole, Susan, Moana and Sarah from Winnipeg, so I was glad to see them get a rose.  I was equally happy that "my eggs are rotting" Allie did not receive one. That is hands-down the grossest quote of the show if not the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. I will give Allie credit for making the post-rose ceremony interesting. Spouting off about reproduction and confronting Travis added to the drama of this "most romantic Bachelor ever." From the previews, I expect there will be much more drama. So, let's get on with the show, or as they say in French: Laissez les bon temps roulez!