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"If at first you don't succeed try, try again." That's the mantra Bachelor Pad's Reid followed which ultimately cost him the game.

On the third episode of this summer's guilty pleasure, Reid attempted to get his Bachelorette Season 5 comrade Ed axed, but fell short thanks to Sarah cluing Ed into the plan. With help from Jaclyn, the duo turned the ploy around and got the Philadelphia realtor eliminated. And now that the back-stabbing has really begun, host Chris Harrison says it only gets more tense from here. Keep reading for more on the new alliances, why the challenge was harder than it looked and who Harrison says is sliding through the game. (Read the full episode recap here.)

Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: No One Was Sad That the Twins Left

Do you think Reid's plan was smart even though it cost him the game?
Chris Harrison:
Reid had this vendetta against Ed. I don't know if it goes back to the whole Jillian thing, but he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar last week, got himself out of it, and went right back to it and this week got caught.

Was the elimination as tense as it seemed with Jaclyn's speech at the end?
It's a hint of things to come and you'll see more speeches. The problem is this year is that there are floaters like Kalon and Lindzi, which really messes up the game and makes alliances useless. There's also the added pressure of who wins the challenge because David is screwing everything up. When you have David winning the challenge and Kalon floating it screws everything up for the guys.

So how gross was that sundae challenge?
In theory it looked really cool, but in actuality the foam pit they had to go through was suffocating. It was a lot harder than it looked, and I just felt so bad for Jamie who kicked ass and then had Ed a mile behind the nearest competitor. I'm glad she ended up getting the rose on her date as a little justice.

Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: Kalon Is Still Pompous and Arrogant

The wax museum date looked like so much fun!
It didn't really come off on TV as well but when we were standing there with the latex makeup it was scary how real it looked. Even looking in the mirror I was like, "This is creepy." The actor bringing the fans around did a great job keeping them distracted and he never really let them look closely. Those people ripping on Tony was genius.

Next week looks like the continuation of Chris being a player.
His arrogance really is astounding. Even if you think you know what's coming, the audacity is stunning in a sad way for him.

What can you tease about next week's challenge, which looks emotional?
Last year we did the paint thing and it was cruel. I didn't like it, and it was a bad idea that came off poorly. So, we said, "How do we evoke that emotion but do it the right away?" We let the cast drive it this season in the guise of the game show. It's amazing the stuff they admit to and will say publicly and then later say, "I didn't know it would be taken that way when I said, 'I hate her and she's a slut.'" So that's going to stir things up.

And what about the two alliances? Will they continue to divide?
Harrison: You'll also see the Stagliano alliance run the house. Just like last season, his group is driving the house and he's quietly running this game. He did it this season under the guise of "I'm your friend and I'm here to find love and coach you and hang around." Obviously that's not true; he's playing the game. He's just cruising by.