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This week's episode of Bachelor Pad showed that while some contestants will do anything for money, some will give up everything for love. Host Chris Harrison talks to TVGuide.com about Ames' grand exit to be with Jackie, his new love who was eliminated at the end of the episode. Plus: Harrison explains a component to the challenge viewers didn't see, how Vienna tried to stage a walkout and why next week's challenge is both the funniest and saddest in Bachelor history. 

How did they get the paint in those eggs?
Chris Harrison: The award goes to our art department. I think they poked tiny holes in them and, with a syringe, shot it in.

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Why didn't everyone just aim for someone in the middle which gives you with a better chance of hitting someone?
You couldn't just throw. Every time they walked out I asked the question and they had to non-verbally answer with the number of who they were going for. I answered back to be clear because if you threw the egg and it hit somebody other than [the number they held up with their fingers] it didn't count.

You announced that two women would be eliminated this week. Was that change made to keep Jake in the house?
The plan is never set. We have an idea of how we want it to go, but until you see how things are going and you see how people are acting and how the game is playing out, then those twists and turns are added. They're definitely not last-minute, like: Oh, Jake's about to leave, let's do this. You can't change the game to that degree. But as we see things that might happen a week in advance or several days in advance, we can change the script a bit and change the game a bit as long as we stick to our rules and everyone has an equal chance to win. They know that anything can happen at any time.

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Were you taken aback by Vienna claiming that the show was "cheating?"
You can play the victim all you want ... but if you're going to start accusing the show I'm not going to stand for it. Who's keeping you here? .That's why when she said that, I said, "If you don't like it, then leave." Literally, she was trying to have this coup d'etat and stage a walkout. ... it's not the last temper tantrum that a houseguest will have this season.

Are you surprised she still refuses to speak to Jake?
I'm surprised overall that she just won't let it go and she just won't bury the hatchet. In her defense, I think she's acting out of emotion, and I don't think she's taking under consideration the public perception of her. She has to realize she's on a show and even if you don't want this closure with Jake, when he comes up to you five times and you diss him like that, it's going to be perceived pretty badly.

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What about Kasey's game moves this week?
Harrison: It's impressive how he's the Godfather of the house right now. It's funny how Vienna thinks she's really a part of it too, but she's really not. She doesn't realize how much Kasey is really the one in control of this game, at least up until this point. He's played it beautifully, I have to say.

Did you expect Gia to leave the show?
Harrison: That got out of hand so quickly and I have no idea how she went from zero to I'm leaving. She got caught ... trying to strategize and break up Kasey and Vienna, and then when Graham and Kasey played the game better than her, she got pissed, upset, her feelings got hurt and she left. I think it was more, "I'm about to be voted out so instead of losing, I quit." 

How incredible was Ames' exit?
Harrison: That was one of the greatest moves I've seen in Bachelor history. Ames showed that, "I don't need this, it's not going to change my life that much, but leaving here with my dignity and with my love is more important." It was a storybook moment only Ames [could do], it was a beautiful moment and funny to see the cast applauding.

What can you say about next week?
Harrison: Next week is synchronized swimming and it's the funniest, saddest moment in Bachelor history. We have a couple of familiar faces come in and judge and we also have some pros. To see the guys in a synchronized swimming outfit is wrong in so many ways. Some of those Speedos were a little more see-through then they should've been —there's not a lot left to the imagination.