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If Bachelor Pad's Chris was in hot water with the women last week, this week his situation started boiling over.

After ditching his partner Blakeley to hook up with Jamie, Chris then made the ultimate switch by choosing Sarah for his one-on-one date. When they didn't come home until the next morning, the ladies got angry. Fortunately for Chris, he was safe this week and was able to get one member of his love square out of the house. But in doing so, host Chris Harrison says Chris has put a big, fat target on his back.

Read on for more of Harrison's thoughts on Chris' "stupidity," why Kalon and Lindzi's romance hasn't been featured and a shocking elimination. (Read our full recap of the episode here.)

Didn't you feel horrible watching Jamie gush about Chris while he was talking about her behind her back?
Chris Harrison:
Jamie is innocent; we saw that on Ben's season. She's not the most experienced woman, and that leads her to be taken advantage of. And she obviously isn't privy to what Chris is saying about her. She's a sweet girl who means well and expects everyone to be nice and honest and Chris is anything but that. He was not a nice guy. He played all the women, used and abused them and expected them to just deal with it.

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Were you shocked when he asked Sarah on the date?
Strategically, I couldn't believe someone could be that stupid. If you want to sleep with Sarah, that's one thing. But to be in the middle of a strategic game where alliances and friendships and relationships are everything and you have plowed through the house like a Vegas buffet, the stupidity is astounding.

I was glad that Jamie said something to him on her way out.
Jamie laid into him pretty good, and I was really proud of her. But Chris not only doesn't realize his wrongs and doesn't apologize, but he actually gets offended and mad at her. He got really angry that she had the gumption to dare say, "You used all of us."

How will this affect Chris and Sarah next week?
Chris and Sarah definitely made their bed and now they'll have to lay in it. They took a chance to be together and there is a huge target on their back. They're the black sheep of the house.

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Kalon went back on his word to vote out Blakeley. Will he get in trouble with the guys?
Not really because you have this floating couple in Kalon and Lindzi. It's not a bad way to go through Bachelor Pad because each week, each alliance needs them. Instead of worrying about getting rid of you, they need your vote. If you notice, Kalon and Lindzi are never on the chopping block and have done a great job of acting like Switzerland. They're not neutral; they're just playing the game well.

Why hasn't their romance gotten any screen time?
I was a little bit disappointed in their edit because they haven't received a lot of attention, but the problem is there has been so much other stuff. It's unfortunate because I thought this would easily be the most surprising hookup. But it's not very juicy. They're pretty boring; they're not controversial.

What can you tease about the second half of the season?
Coming up there's going to be a huge elimination. You have people you know will eventually go, like Jamie and Ryan. But unlike season's past, some big names will really fall apart.