Bachelor in Paradise, the most purely fun show of the whole Bachelor franchise, returns in August. Yesterday ABC revealed the cast who'll be there for the premiere, to much excitement from fans who can't wait to see how these boys and girls get themselves into trouble.

Here are 7 things we hope to see this season on BIP.

7. Feud: Taylor & Corinne
Mental health counselor Taylor and walking Freudian case study Corinne fought so bitterly on The Bachelor last season that we're surprised Taylor even agreed to return for Bachelor in Paradise. She was so soundly defeated by Corinne and seemed so sensitive that we're worried for her sanity going back into this. But she's free to make her own decisions, and we're not so worried that we won't be popping popcorn for Round 2.

Corinne, <em>The Bachelor</em>Corinne, The Bachelor

6. Corinne in general
Corinne was made for Paradise in a way that nobody else has been before. She's going to be the center of attention, and therefore is going to be a magnet for drama and insanity. She might like Alex when she's drunk and DeMario when she's sober, which will lead to an actual fistfight. She might get everyone to run naked through a cornfield. She might sleep through the whole thing. She's definitely going to say some stuff that's worth emblazoning on a t-shirt, a la "my heart is gold but my vagine is platinum."

5. A #Jamanda reunion?
Amanda and Josh got engaged last season, but it ended badly. Amanda's back, and if ABC really wanted to stir up drama, they'd bring Josh back, too. Though they probably shouldn't, because Josh isn't a nice guy and has gotten enough attention from the franchise. It's time to let him move on.

4. Friendships put to the test
The women from Nick's season all pretty quickly realized Nick was kinda wack and fell in love with each other instead. There are some super-tight friendships among the women on their way to Paradise, but they may be tested if, say, Kristina and Danielle both like Derek. Hopefully not for too long, though. Chicks before Nicks, right?

DeMario, <em>The Bachelorette</em>DeMario, The Bachelorette

3. DeMario finds his place in the world
DeMario's player ways got him kicked off The Bachelorette. Lucky for him, he's going to a place where dating multiple women at a time is encouraged. He's gonna thrive.

2. New cast members joining
There are a lot of people we hope to see who aren't part of the original cast, but since new people arrive during the show as others get voted off, there are going to be plenty more folks who show up as the show goes on. We'd love to see Chad Johnson try to redeem himself after his night one meltdown last season, especially if he brings Daniel the absurd Canadian with him. It's not a Bachelor party without the twins, Haley and Emily Ferguson. And as Rachel's season goes on, we'll get to know guys who we'll want more of.

1. A wedding?
Rumor has it that Evan and Carly, the last remaining couple from last season, are going to get married in Paradise this year. We've come around on Evan and Carly as a couple, and we'd actually be really happy to see Chris Harrison officiate their beachfront nuptial.

What are you excited to see?

Bachelor in Paradise will premiere Tuesday, August 8 at 8/7c and air on Mondays after that.