Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert found love on ABC's Bachelor in Paradise but their relationship soured back on Earth and off-air. In the face of marital trouble, they did what any perfectly reasonable couple would do: appear on We TV's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, swear at each other and then fake a death. Sounds right!

In the most recent episode, the former Playboy model and Bachelor alum Jade was made up to look like she'd died in a violent accident and placed in a body bag. Tanner was led to the scene of a staged accident and asked to read the last things he'd said to Jade aloud over her apparent corpse — easily making it the most cringe-worthy thing on TV last week.

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As Jade was "dead" across from him covered in fake blood, a dazed Tanner read: "What the f-ck have you done all day? You're worthless and a b-tch and a lazy and a slob. When it comes to responsibility, I feel I do 90%, and I don't love you as a partner in our marriage."

The non-ideal eulogy served its point though, with Tolbert confessing afterwards, "It makes me feel like a terrible person. I know I never want to see myself in that situation. I know I never want to have those be my last words."

Whether or not this stunt repairs the cracks in this couple's marriage, it certainly made for jaw-dropping TV. Would you let a partner talk to you like that? The only answer for Jade is "Over my dead body."

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Fridays at 9/8 on We TV.