On Tuesday's Bachelor in Paradise, before Corinne Olympios' interview, Dean Unglert completed his downward spiral from Bachelor hopeful to the Urban Dictionary definition of a "f---boy" — that is, a guy who will pretend to care about a woman in order to get her to have sex with him and will string her along for as long as he can until someone he likes better comes along.

This is exactly what Dean is doing to Kristina. It's like he read an article about "How to Be a F---boy" and then followed the directions step-by-douchey step. In this episode, he slept with her one night, and then the next day was cavorting in the pool with D-Lo in full of view of Kristina. Then when Kristina pulled him aside like, "what are you doing, dude?" he said he knows this is not fair to ask, but could she please be patient with him while he figures out what he wants.

Here's what Dean wants: he wants to continue to sleep with Kristina until he sleeps with D-Lo, and then maybe continue to sleep with both of them, if he can pull that off. And he doesn't want anyone to be mad at him for it. He's aware that that's bad behavior, so he wants to explain himself and charm his way into people still thinking he's a nice guy.

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But that's not working anymore. The social media public that loved Dean so much on Rachel's season has turned on him. In this episode, he said, and I quote, "Kristina is just so much more perceptive and smart and interesting altogether. But D-Lo is just so f---ing hot." Dean, when you say that out loud, you incriminate yourself. DJ Khaled, tell him what he did!


Bachelor Nation called him out. Hard.

Not only was everyone on Kristina's side, they're on D.Lo's side, too.

Maybe next year Dean can come back to Paradise and try to redeem himself. But to do that, he'll have to get into a serious relationship, which would mean he won't be the Bachelor. So Dean will never be the Bachelor. We even did a poll last week, and 88 percent of respondents don't want Dean to be the Bachelor anymore. Man, Dean played himself so hard.

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