DeAnna Pappas, Graham Bunn, Gia Allemand DeAnna Pappas, Graham Bunn, Gia Allemand

While Bachelor/Bachelorette reunions are usually filled with hooking up and hot tubs (a la Bachelor Pad), some previous contestants are using their name to make a difference. caught up with Bachelorette Season 4's Graham Bunn, whose company 46NYC prints and sells T-shirts for different charities to help them gather donations.

With the help of former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas, Bachelor Pad's Gia Allemand and Bachelor's Craig Robinson, Bunn's 46NYC doled out free lemonade in Central Park to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which benefits pediatric cancer research.

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Allemand, who was recently booted from Bachelor Pad, was handing out lemonade, but was able to share that she has no regrets from her time on Pad. "Everything's a lesson learned," the 26-year-old Allemand said, adding that the contestant who surprised her the most was "modern day Shakespeare" Wes Hayden. "I thought he was going to be a bad person, but he's actually the complete opposite," she says.

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DeAnna adds that she and fiancé Stephen Stagliano enjoy watching their friends on the show. "We are definitely rooting for Dave Good and Natalie [Getz]. Dave's a good guy and Natalie's one of our great friends and I think she can really use a chunk of change right now," the 28-year-old says. Craig R. added his pick. "Peyton's great. Did she make out with Jesse? Who hasn't made out with Jesse," he joked.

Bachelor Pad joking aside, everyone agreed that looking for love on television has helped get the word out for causes they care about.

"My time on The Bachelor has enabled me to do things and do them on a broader scale," Bunn said.  

Pappas said: "This is obviously something that hits close to home for me so I was really excited he wanted to include me and Stephen in this. I've always been really passionate about giving back and it's definitely been a lot easier now that somebody knows my name."

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