Ben, Emily Ben, Emily

Of all the poor judgment that The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik has demonstrated this season, cutting Emily may have been the worst. But don't weep for Emily: She now says she thinks she dodged a bullet. We checked in with the bright, goofy epidemiologist from North Carolina to ask her how she really feels about Courtney and who she thinks Ben should end up with.

On her exit:
Viewers may have been surprised by Emily's ouster, but she wasn't. "To be honest, I wasn't totally shocked," she says. "When Ben pulled Courtney aside, it was the last glimmer of hope for me. I thought maybe he's finally listening to all of us. But I kind of knew at that point he was going to keep Courtney and Rachel and I were going home."

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Her feelings toward Courtney:
"My impression of Courtney was that she was just not a nice person, no matter how you slice it or dice it," Emily says. "The comments were unprovoked, and that's what made me angry. No one else displayed that kind of behavior."

If she thinks Courtney actually likes Ben:
"When I watch [the show], she doesn't seem all that interested in him and what he's saying," she says. "We all cry and it was an emotionally draining situation, but I'm not sure the tears were 100 percent for him. She would turn around and say things like, 'If he doesn't give me a rose on this date, I'm going to turn around and leave.' If you're really head over heels and emotionally invested, you don't make demands like that."

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Why Ben isn't the guy for her:
"I wish he supported and encouraged me and not reacted in the way that he did [when I talked to him about Courtney]. It felt like a threat at the time," she says. "I'm looking for someone who respects me as a person, and when I have an opinion they take that to heart and can at least respond in an appropriate way."

How her feelings toward Ben have changed:
"My respect for him as gone down certainly since the show aired and since I've gotten perspective on things," she says. "I've had people say I dodged a bullet and others say I dodged a locomotive with a nuclear bomb strapped to it. I think for sure we're not meant to be together and I started to feel that a little toward the end, but it has been completely confirmed in my mind watching."

Who Ben should choose:
"Honestly, I won't be happy if Ben winds up with Lindzi, Nicki or Kasey," she says. "I think they deserve someone a little bit different and maybe a little bit more on their level and who's grounded. I think Ben and Courtney are what each other are looking for."