Tara Durr Tara Durr

It's not always the finalists on The Bachelor and Bachelorette who are lucky in love: Two of the shows' former rejected contestants have paired up and are planning to get married.

Tara Durr, 29, and John Presser, 30, announced their engagement at a recent Bachelor reunion hosted by fellow former contestant Jesse Csincsak. Durr was cut the first night of Season 9 by Lorenzo Borghese, and Bachelorette Jillian Harris booted Presser during the first round of that cycle.

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Durr tells TVGuide.com that she and Presser met through Facebook last July and communicated electronically for two months. "I could tell just from corresponding he was hilarious," Durr says. They eventually met and "totally hit it off" during a trip with Durr's friends, she says.

Durr says it makes perfect sense to date fellow contestants. "It's kind of like [the producers] do all the screening for you," she says. "They've already picked who they think are the 25 most eligible in the country, and you'd be crazy to not try and see if you have a connection with somebody."

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Presser and Durr got engaged in February, but decided to share the news during the reunion at Csincsak's urging. "A lot of those people pretty much knew ... and a ton of those people are going to be at the wedding anyway," Durr says.

The couple is planning a golf course wedding with almost 600 guests in November, Durr says.