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Every Bachelor season has a villain and/or a drama queen and Sean got them both in Tierra.

On Monday's episode, Tierra had a tantrum, in which she threatened to leave the show and wondered why she deserved to be "tortured." But instead of letting her go, as the women would've liked, Sean had faith in their connection and gave her a rose. What does host Chris Harrison have to say about her? Keep reading to find out.

Was Tierra threatening to leave just a ploy to get a rose?
Chris Harrison:
I think she's just a little dramatic. I don't know if it was a game like when Courtney did it last season, but I also don't get the impression that Tierra is as savvy and good at playing the game. I think she's caught up in it, and it's a mess. She'll be one of those people at the "Women Tell All" who will say, "I don't understand why people don't like me." I don't think she's a bad person, but I'm guessing that's how she dates off the show too: She wins and she wins at all costs and so far she's getting her way.

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Selma told Sean she couldn't kiss him. Will this become an issue in the future?
I would think for maybe another Bachelor it would matter, but with Sean it only helps and it only adds to the attraction. Sean is a slow mover. He's not one to jump into bed with anybody, and the fact that a girl wants to take it very slow is totally fine for him. That will never be a deterrent for him. I also think it raised her stock and made her more intriguing, but how long will that work? At some point he'll say, "OK I want to kiss you."

What about Sean's views on sex before marriage? Will that come up?
Harrison: It'll absolutely come up. Obviously it's way too early now. He doesn't mind kissing and that's where the relationships are, but as things progress and we get closer to fantasy suites and overnights it absolutely becomes an issue, and he's very open about it. He wears his religion and his heart on his sleeve.

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We saw Sarah be put in a tough situation. How do you think she handled it?
Even for someone as confident as she is, it's got to be self-conscious. That's just in her normal life, but to take it to national television has got to be tough for her. Sean really respects how she's handling herself.

Leslie H. was the first this season to not get a rose on a one-on-one date. Were you surprised?
It's so hard to read Sean, and their conversation flowed and she's a lovely woman. But when you push the envelope with how serious the conversation got — which is what would you want in marriage, life and family —  that's good, but the flip side was that Sean had to see himself in that position and he couldn't. I think he was eager to have those deep conversations, but that really turned the tide. If they had kept it light and trivial, she may have stayed but the more she talked about how much she wanted that, he's like, "Wow, you're not the one." It's always tough on the Pretty Woman date because she had to take the jewelry off and you come in an Astin Martin and leave in a SUV.

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