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Although Ashley H. received the first Bachelor one-on-one date and she and Brad quickly developed a bond, host Chris Harrison warns that she may get hit hard with "first-date syndrome."

While the season's first date went well, it was a tougher road to the rose for Jackie, who alarmed Brad when she revealed her lack of past relationships. Harrison weighs in on why Jackie raised a red flag and says he was surprised that Keltie, who he calls "cute on a stick," got axed so quickly.

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You said Ashley H. falls victim to "first-date syndrome." Can you explain?
Chris Harrison: I noticed it with Jillian [Harris] and Reid and Ali [Fedotowsky] and Frank, that it's a tough thing on The Bachelor when you get that first date. It goes really well, you like this person, they like you and then you're back at home and see everyone else go on dates. You're put in the back of the bus all of a sudden.

Do you think he was too hard on Jackie for only having two previous relationships?
Maybe it's a guy thing, or an experience thing, but that would scare the hell out of me too. He quickly realized, and smartly so, that Jackie probably isn't in the place in her life where she's ready to do this. Jackie has some more people to burn through before she realizes who the one is. Brad doesn't have time for that. It didn't cut her out of the show, but definitely alarmed Brad. That's going to continue to play out and Jackie knows she has to prove herself.

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During the group date, Keltie had the worst part to play for the PSA, as a butch girl with two broken arms in a neck brace.
I felt so bad and the thing is, I can't tell you how cute and adorable that girl is. She's just, like, cute on a stick.

Why did he eliminate her?
I don't know the answer because I thought she was so playful and fun and I didn't understand why he cut her. I was surprised by that myself. 

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I was glad to see he cut the two who kept arguing, Raichel and Melissa.
The sad part is we showed up to the cocktail party and everyone was in a really good mood. Brad was really fired-up and he walks in and these girls are crying. I think he sent a message to everyone that you're going home if you create drama ... Melissa proved it doesn't matter how old you are — you can be as immature as anybody.

Emily received the rose based on Ali and Roberto's opinion. When does she reveal her history to Brad?
It starts to unfold next week with her letting the girls in on it and beginning to talk to Brad. She's so wise and mature, unfortunately beyond her years, because of what happened and she knew how to handle it and when it was right. She said, "Let him get to know me a little bit and then find out a little bit more and a little bit more." Which is smart.

Next week someone leaves on their own volition. What can you tease?
He will put people on the spot and call people out. If you are not there for the right reasons Brad is done with you and he's not going to let anyone sit around and get their 15 minutes of fame. Brad's very abrupt and gives people the out to leave and says, "Don't waste another rose ceremony, the door's always open." You'll see this a couple of times throughout the season and next week is an example of that.

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