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Don't Worry, You'll Soon Be Able to Buy Baby Yoda Merchandise

Love these Baby Yoda goods, you will

Mekeisha Madden Toby

The interwebs have fallen in love with Baby Yoda (yes, we know it's not actually Baby Yoda). And that means one thing -- Disney has figured out yet another way to separate us from the money in our wallets.

Considering how much fans have flipped over the breakout character from the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian, it's actually shocking that Baby Yoda merchandise isn't already on store shelves. But that's going to change very soon, according to CNBC. And the only reason Disney didn't overwhelm us with merch before is because showrunners Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni didn't want to spoil Baby Yoda's appearance.

"I have to thank Disney and Lucasfilm, because the way the cat usually gets out of the bag with that stuff is merchandising and toy catalogs and things like that," Favreau told Entertainment Tonight. "So they really backed us up. We really wanted to have it be that you had to watch it yourself, so that every time you watch the show, there are new twists and secrets that come out.

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"That requires a lot of restraint from the people who are footing the bill, saying they're gonna hold back on certain things so that the public doesn't know ahead of time," Favreau added. "Part of that was holding back on some of the merchandise and holding back on some of the characters."

Clothing and accessories featuring the character known as The Child will soon be available via Amazon, Target, Kohl's, Macy's, Zazzle, Hot Topic, and Box Lunch, CNBC confirmed with a source familiar with Disney's plans. Goods could arrive as early as Friday. Meanwhile, Etsy is already peddling unofficial Baby Yoda items (and you're probably going to want to buy some of that too).

New episodes of The Mandalorian are released Fridays on Disney+.

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