It's been almost 21 years since The Baby-Sitters Club was immortalized on the big screen in the 1995 film. And with the rampant '90s nostalgia going on, it's high time we revisit Kristy & Co.

"I'm too old!" Bre Blair, who played Stacey, tells "But I would be open to [a sequel] for sure."

Blair reunited with some of the BSC cast, including Schuyler Fisk, Rachael Leigh Cook and Larisa Oleynik, for a 20th anniversary reunion in November.

Last we saw Stacey, though, she came clean to 17-year-old, club-hopping crush Luca (Christian Oliver) about only being 13... and being diabetic. (Still unclear why she thought having diabetes was a dirty little secret.)

So where would Stacey be now? See what Blair and her Game of Silence co-star Michael Raymond-James say in the video above.