Diversity is a hot-button issue in Hollywood but perhaps no one is tackling it as nimbly as Aziz Ansari.

The comedian dropped the proverbial mic on Stephen Colbert during his The Late Show appearance on Tuesday night.

Colbert was attempting to bond with Ansari about hailing from South Carolina, but the former Parks and Recreation star was quick to point out that Colbert may be the first late-night host from the southern state but the "bajillionth" white guy to do it, which he says is a "very interesting measure of progress."

When Colbert asks if having Ansari on the show counts as helping with Hollywood's diversity problem, he counters quickly, "It's like 50 percent diverse. It's like an all-time high for CBS."

At that point Colbert is resigned to silent giggles - probably not eager to call out the people who sign his paychecks for not putting more people of color on TV.

The Late Show isn't the first time Ansari is talking out about the issue. He dedicates an entire episode of his new Netflix series Master of None to the topic of diverse representation of minorities on TV. He explained the necessity for that episode and the low numbers of lead roles for ethnicities in an editorial for The New York Times as well.