Azealia Banks Azealia Banks

After a lengthy history of Twitter beefs and documented outbursts, Azealia Banks finally got tossed in the pokey for third-degree assault Wednesday after allegedly punching and biting a female security guard "in the boob," Page Six reports. The artist, whose long-awaited album Broke With Expensive Taste landed her at the top of critics' list last year for its genre-busting approach to hip-hop and electronica, apparently lost it after being denied entry to a private party at Manhattan's Up&Down club, screaming and cursing because nobody knew who she was. (Aw!)

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Yelling that she was on Rihanna's album, she spit in a female bouncer's face, and even flagged down cops — and punched the bouncer in front of them. Smart! Banks was taken to the Sixth Precinct on a misdemeanor charge of third-degree assault, then later arraigned and released on her own recognizance.

Oh Azealia. In the now infamous words of Tyra Banks, "We were all rooting for you!" Get it together, huh? See more about the arrest below.