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While I tend to hate everyone that shares my name based on principle alone, there's something I find irresistible about Awkward's Sadie Saxton (Molly Tarlov).

It's surprising that Jenna's nemesis is the one to revolutionize my life-long philosophy. On the surface, Sadie is one of the cruelest characters on TV, but over time we've gotten to see a more vulnerable side to Awkward's resident mean girl. But have these moments been enough to humanize the Queen Bee of Palos Verdes?

Awkward's Molly Tarlov: Sadie will fall in love and let her guard down

When Awkward

premiered, Sadie was pure evil incarnate. With no qualms about mocking an alleged suicide attempt, forwarding a topless photo of Jenna to the entire school or giving the in-crowd pink eye with some strategically placed poop, Sadie gave Regina George a run for her money. But the meaner Sadie was, the more I seemed to love her. Sadie's pieces of "advice" — if you could ever call things like, "You suck at being anorexic. Time to embrace bulimia," advice — coupled with a head bob and her signature, "You're welcome," soon became my favorite moments of the MTV comedy.Halfway through the first season, we saw the root behind Sadie's mean girl ways: her deep-seated insecurity towards her own body image. Tarlov gave an impressively heart-breaking monologue about Sadie's struggle with her weight that not only caused me to sympathize with Sadie, but even fall a little bit in love with her. Nevertheless, Sadie's soft side didn't last too long. Soon, she was back to her old tricks, ruining Jenna's birthday and most recently sabotaging Tamara's attempts to destroy her playboy ex, Ricky Schwartz.

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But while I love seeing those rare moments when Sadie opens up, I don't ever want her to completely turn over a new leaf. I've found myself loving Sadie for all the same reasons I should hate her. Of course, if she ever directed one of her pieces of "advice" towards me, I would hide in the girls' bathroom for eternity like a regular Moaning Myrtle. So which is worse: Sadie saying, "Maybe people would stop staring at you if you could just finish the abortion your mom botched" or actually finding her funny?

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In her defense, Sadie doesn't view her bone-shattering burns as mean. Instead, Sadie only claims to be "honest" and according to her, "sometimes honesty is brutal." Sadly, the mean queen has a point (though she takes it many, many steps too far).Unlike Jenna's mom, the scribe of the infamous "carefrontation" letter, Sadie is at least open with her cruelty and somehow, Sadie's unshielded mistreatment of others lends her a certain charm that the typical, passive-aggressive mean girls lack.How do you feel about Sadie: Do you love her, hate her, or something in between?