Molly Tarlov, Greer Grammer Molly Tarlov, Greer Grammer

Awkward fans are about to see a whole new side to resident mean girl Sadie when she falls in love for the first time.

"She's going to let her guard down a bit," star Molly Tarlov tells "She's going to be dealing with male intention for the first time. Sadie's whole thing is that she wants attention, but also doesn't want it — that's what makes her so insecure and so mean."

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On last week's premiere, viewers learned Sadie's big secret: She had been harboring a crush on Matty (Beau Mirchoff). Even the actors didn't see their brief hookup coming. "There were audible gasps," Tarlov says. Although their fling didn't last more than a few minutes — Matty passed out — viewers will soon see more of Sadie getting some love. "Sadie's never really had a true relationship with anyone!" Tarlov says. "[Last season] we saw it with her mom, but that was the first time we saw her not trying to put on an act. Even she and best friend Lissa [Greer Grammer] don't have 'real' moments."

Sadie's romantic adventures this season are meant to chip away at her rude exterior, creator Lauren Iungerich says. She says she specifically cast Tarlov in the role to delve deeper into why Sadie is, as Tarlov says, "a nasty human" who continually torments Jenna (Ashley Rickards) with her signature phrase, "You're welcome." (Watch a montage here.)

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"First of all, Molly Tarlov is very beautiful even though she's not the quintessential mean girl," Iungerich says. "In the pilot she was really mean, but I knew where I was taking her and I wanted to humanize her. I crafted Episode 6 of last year around this scene I wrote for her where she's feeling powerless to her weight. ... This season, we examine her heart as she falls in love for the first time."

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