As previously shared in my Today's News blog, but now aggregated here for your pondering pleasure:

February 9, 2007

" OK, Jim Carrey's upcoming feature, The Number 23, has a rather unsettling PR campaign: I'm getting daily e-mails about (what I presume are) current real-life crimes/tragedies that somehow involve the number 23.

" Is gossip columnist Cindy Adams almost impossible to read sometimes, or what? Fabricated example: "Mel Gibson. Braveheart. You know the drill. Yada-yada-yada. Lindsay. But that's old news if you-know-who is to be believed." Um, wha?!

" I'm thinking/fearing we're gonna be stuck with this Sienna Miller for a bit, yes?

" How awesome is that new "Cancel or Allow" TV spot in Apple's "PC Guy" campaign?!

February 2, 2007

" This whole Tyra Banks/"I'm not fat!" thing has to be one of the biggest non-stories to get such massive media play. Personally (and "until now," one of you will snark), I have steered clear of breathing a word about it, because it's merely a case of taking a tabloid story that otherwise would have come and gone, and milking it for a sweeps stunt.

" Isn't it completely coincidental how Parade Magazine's "Personality Parade" column always seems to find real, actual readers inquiring about celebrities who happen to be currently promoting something? I mean, what are the odds?

" I love Diane Keaton, and Stephen Collins sure does give a swell interview, but is Because I Said So really the title of a feature film? Is It Could Happen to You ready to share its Worst Title Ever crown?

January 26, 2007

" Is anyone else thoroughly enjoying Doonesbury's stabs at Donald Trump? Sure, the Rosie feud angle is a bit dusty (blame the newspapers' lead time), but the Tab A/Slot B-esque combover styling is a pissah!

" The new Ad Age skewers some TV ad's "resurrection" of Orville Redenbacher. I haven't seen it, have you? As horrific/unsettling/shoddily executed as it sounds?

" Any other newsstand groupies unsettled by the similarity between the new covers of Maxim (NSFW if your boss isn't cool) and Discover ?