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The Talented Teens of Tik Tok Are Making an Avatar: The Last Airbender Musical, and Someone Please Call Broadway

The Ba Sing Se sequence is not to be missed

Allison Picurro

The summer of Avatar: The Last Airbender continues. In yet another excellent example of how the Nickelodeon cartoon, which ended over 10 years ago, is reaching a new generation, now the very talented, very prolific teens of Tik Tok are writing and performing in a musical version of the series. And, to the surprise of no one, it's extremely good.

The breakout star of the whole thing is Katherine Lynn Rose, who posted the first song from her Avatar musical, "In the Clouds," on June 20, a soft, romantic "A Whole New World"-esque Aang solo. Since then, she's shared "Friend or Foe," from Azula's perspective, "The Last Waterbender," which she describes as "an angsty Katara song," and "Welcome to Ba Sing Se," a full, mesmerizing sequence where she plays every character, including the maniacally cheery Joo Dee and the citizens of the allegedly peaceful city. (Spoiler for anyone who hasn't finished the show: It is not a peaceful city!)

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Rose even collaborated with fellow Tik Tok-er Joshua Turchin, who's also been writing his own, separate Avatar musical, on "Zuko's Song." In the video, Turchin plays Zuko, and he includes a very funny sight gag of him holding a red package of Wet Ones over his eye to imitate Zuko's burn.

Over on his profile, Turchin has been posting his own pieces, like "Toph's Song," "Sokka's Song," and "That's Rough, Buddy" (real fans will get the reference), among others. There's also abigailwritesmusic, who is penning yet another version of an Avatar musical on her profile, and recently put out a casting call for Native and Indigenous actors, writers, and musicians to help her create and perform it. She's already taken advantage of the Tik Tok duet meme to collaborate with Rose on a song, so the chance of all of these Tik Tokers coming together to create one big collaborative musical seems entirely possible.

Check out a few of the musical sequences below, and be sure to follow Rose, Turchin, and Abigail on Tik Tok for more.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is currently streaming on Netflix.