Kathy Griffin by Steve Jennings/Bravo Photo, Andy Samberg by Dana Edelson/NBC Universal Photo Kathy Griffin by Steve Jennings/Bravo Photo, Andy Samberg by Dana Edelson/NBC Universal Photo

Gold mixed with blue at Saturday night's Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony. Though HBO's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee took home the most kudos - five statues in all - several major wins either were born of or unexpectedly led to salty language.

Where to start? Kathy Griffin, whose Life on the D-List won best (non-competition) reality program, mock-scoffed at those who thank J.C. for their good fortune by saying (and I apologize for sharing this on a Sunday morning), "Suck it, Jesus, this award is my god now." Also using salty slang in accepting her award was Elaine Stritch, named best guest actress in a comedy (for her turn on 30 Rock). "It's kind of obvious how long I've been in this profession," said Stritch. "And I can't get over that I still feel the way I do. It's unf--kingbelievable."

Another veteran actress, Leslie Caron, was Stritch's counterpart in the drama race (for her appearance on Law & Order: SVU), while Stanley Tucci ( Monk) and John Goodman ( Studio 60) were the honored guest actors.

The poster child for potty mouths, South Park, was named best animated series (for its "Make Love, Not WarCraft" eppy), and the Saturday Night Live digital short "D**k in a Box" - featuring Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake and a couple of well-wrapped packages - won for original music and lyrics. Addressing "sequel" talk backstage, Samberg said, "We talked about 'B***s in a Bucket,' but I just don't think it's as catchy."

In the outstanding casting contests, Friday Night Lights (drama) and Ugly Betty (comedy) emerged victorious.

One last noteworthy win: American Idol avoided besting the dubious record set by Newhart (which went 0-for-25 at the Emmys) by finally grabbing some gold, in the outstanding technical direction category (for " Idol Gives Back"). It was a first win six years in the making - but that's what you get for making us endure three commercial breaks for the damn results.

A complete list of Creative Arts winners can be found at Emmys.org.