Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher

Forget Hugh Grant. It looks like Two and a Half Men is going for a younger actor to replace Charlie Sheen.

Ashton Kutcher is finalizing a deal to star on the CBS sitcom, taking the place of Sheen after he was fired earlier this year, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Report: Hugh Grant almost replaced Sheen on Two and a Half Men

Sources close to the negotiations say that the No Strings Attached star will land a "huge payday" to join the sitcom and that the deal just needs to be signed. Men creator Chuck Lorre is reportedly writing a storyline that will introduce Kutcher in a satisfactory and "funny" way.

Kutcher's reps have not confirmed, but the actor tweeted out this cryptic message Thursday afternoon: "I'm starting to become convinced that people put my name in articles just to improve their SEO or hoping I'll tweet it." Hours later, he decided to stir the pot, tweeting out to his followers: "What's the square root of 6.25?" For those who have forgotten their basic algebra, the answer is 2.5, a rather nerdy way to reference the “two and a half” portion of the sitcom’s title.

The deal comes on the heels of a report saying that British actor Hugh Grant had passed on replacing Sheen.

Sheen to Lorre: "No one cares about your feeble show without me"

Before Kutcher, 33, became a big-time movie star, he was a regular on another sitcom, Fox's That '70s Show. He later executive produced and hosted MTV's Punk'd, and gained greater notoriety when he married Demi Moore, who is 15 years older.

When asked about Kutcher's deal, a rep for the studio told that "WB has no comment."

What do you think? Will Kutcher make a good replacement for Sheen?

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