Ashley Judd Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd appears to be inching closer to a run for office. After reports first surfaced in December that the Double Jeopardy actress was mulling a run for Senate in her home state of Kentucky, Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth confirmed she is seriously considering a move into politics.

"I think she's very interested in becoming a candidate for some office whether it's next year against Mitch McConnell or it's against Rand Paul, whether it's for some other office I don't know, but she's a very serious potential candidate," Yarmuth said, according to Louisville's WDRB outlet. McConnell is the incumbent Republican from the state and is currently the US Senate minority leader.

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However, in a separate interview, Judd's mother, country singer Naomi Judd said her daughter was less sure of her next move. "As of right now, she doesn't know," Naomi Judd said when asked by Larry King on his Ora TV show about the actress' possible run. "I can tell you she's very interested in changing the world and she knows that politics unfortunately right now is one of the ways she could do that."

Judd most recently starred in ABC thriller Missing.

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