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Ash vs. Evil Dead: Here's What We Know About Season 2

We got a premiere date and a promise for even more gore

Kaitlin Thomas

Ash vs. Evil Dead, Starz's extension of the beloved Evil Dead franchise, will return for its second season Sunday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c, the network announced Monday at the Television Critics Association fall previews.

The new season, which is 10 episodes long and promises to be bloodier and gorier than ever before (something of a dangerous promise considering the amount of chainsaws and shotguns in the show), will kick things off with an extended episode featuring Bruce Campbell's reluctant hero Ash returning to his hometown of Elk Grove, Mich. to face his past mistakes and take on the Evil Dead once and for all.

The network previously released a trailer for the season, which you can see above. For everything else we know about Season 2, keep reading.

Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless, Ash vs. Evil Dead Starz

An uneasy alliance: When he returns to Michigan, Ash will form an uneasy alliance with former enemy Ruby (Lucy Lawless), who now possesses the powerful Necronomicon. Given their past issues, she won't be a natural fit for Ash's ragtag team, and she'll initially butt heads with both Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo). However, Kelly and Ruby will eventually team up to become a bit of a "tour de force," according to Lawless.

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Easter eggs: Fans of the films should be on the lookout for two major Easter Eggs this season, but according to DeLorenzo, they're not going to leave those who didn't see the films in the cold. "It's just extra special for the fans who've been along for the ride."

Daddy issues: Lee Majors joins the cast this season as Ash's father, Brock Williams, and he's not too happy to see his son. "He left me in the old town to clean up his mess, took away my daughter, closed my business -- nobody wanted to do business with [Ash's father]," said Majors. "He comes back [and] we have a real confrontation. I don't like him and I don't want him around." The good news, however, is that over the course of the season, Brock will pull some real emotion -- and maybe even something good -- out of Ash.

Fixing past mistakes: Michelle Hurd joins the show as Ash's high school love, Linda, and before you ask: the name is not just a coincidence. Hurd's character shares a name with Ash's girlfriend from the first Evil Dead film, and as executive producer Rob Tapert notes, "[Ash] did make a fateful error in the past. Now that he comes home, he gets to correct that mistake."

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The evolution of Ash: When the series caught up with Ash last season, he was still the man he was 30 years prior in the films that spawned the series. Now that he's teamed up with Pablo and Kelly, we may start to see him change and grow as a person. "At the start of Season 1, he just cares about himself, and now he realizes that he can't go on fighting evil and existing -- hero or not -- by himself," said Santiago. "So Pablo and Kelly create that family unit that he never though he would have. You start to see him really care about them, and he realizes that he needs them as much as they need him."

"For all of his flaws, he is [the hero] foretold in the book," Campbell added. "You make fun of him all you want, he's still here to save the world. And I think it's hilarious that's the guy who's gonna do it."

Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 premieres Sunday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c on Starz.