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How far will one superhero go for justice? That's the question that Arrow will toy with now that Oliver Queen has returned to Starling City.

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In the new CW series, the wealthy playboy (Stephen Amell) returned to his hometown with his secret alter ego Arrow in tow, the vigilante identity he took on after a boating accident left him stranded on a deserted island for five years where he honed his archery skills to survive. Now Oliver will have to determine how far he'll go in his quest for vengeance, which will become even more difficult once someone learns his secret. (Yup, it's happening soon!) To get the scoop on that and more, turned to Amell and co-star Katie Cassidy, along with executive producers Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti. Find out what's in store for the emerald archer:

Oliver's revenge list: Berlanti insists that the list of names Oliver has vowed to get vengeance on will not become the show's version of Smallville's episodic freak-of-the-week. "We twist and turn that device a lot," he says. "There's a lot of questions about the list. We don't know where it comes from or why it exists. We don't know if everyone on it is bad. We know he's hunting the people on it right now, but there's a lot we don't know."

Oliver's collateral damage: That list if the least of Ollie's worries considering his quest for justice will create a path of destruction in his wake. "If everything were as simple as the list his father left him, then his life would be pretty simple, but there's all this peripheral damage that he's causing by being so obsessive with this target and with this idea that he has that it's destroying the relationships with his family," Amell says. "Eventually he's going to have to decide."

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Oliver's big secret: Oliver is not the only one hiding secrets, which he'll learn the hard way now that he's back in Starling City. "It never occurs to him that there are people around him with secrets," Guggenheim says. "That process of discovery will be tremulous for him and very difficult. Moira [Susanna Thompson] being revealed as having a secret agenda is not our first and last surprise. We have many more coming, so they'll be hitting Oliver pretty hard as he starts to adjust his mission to, in part, react to the secrets that he's learning, but he's going to learn that there are elements to his mission and his plan that are going off not quite the way he planned them."

Ollie's mommy is...  bad? At the end of the series premiere, we learned that Moira was behind Oliver's kidnapping in an attempt to learn what his father had divulged before his death. So is she the ultimate villain? "Some of our favorite shows are Homeland and 24, and we're big fans for the jaw-dropping moment at the end of an episode," Kreisberg says coyly. "I would just say to the fans out there: Are you sure you saw what you thought you saw?"

Oliver's reveal: Soon, Ollie will share his secret with someone, which will be the catalyst for him to take a look at how far he will go to get justice. "That becomes part of the debate of what is he doing, what tactics is he using and is he crossing the line?" Berlanti says. "We're not afraid to deal with the dark side of justice and vengeance." Adds Guggenheim: "Episode 3 deals very much with the question of: Can he do this alone? And who can he trust? The first person he chooses to trust is really surprising. It's probably the last person you would expect."

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Oliver's love interests: Though Ollie's heart belongs to Laurel (Cassidy) — "She's never far away from his thoughts," Kreisberg says — he will tango with other ladies very soon. "He was alone for five years. Who would begrudge him dating two women at once?" Among the other ladies in his life are The Huntress (Jessica De Gouw), who will "be a match for him both in skill and in matters of the heart," Kreisberg says, and Felicity Smoak (Emily Rickards), a Queen Consolidated IT gal who will become part of his Scooby Gang — even if she doesn't quite realize it.

Oliver's true love: Despite Oliver partly being at fault for her sister's death, Laurel can't stay away from him, with Cassidy likening their relationship to a drug addiction. "She sees how good he can be, and she wants him to be that person, but he's not — or so she thinks," Cassidy says. "I think she will continuously try to let him in and hopefully at some point, he will stop hurting her and she can feel like she can trust him." 

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.