Arrow will welcome back an old friend in Tuesday's episode, titled "Reset," and we simply cannot wait to see Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) back in action in Star City. But is he really back, or is The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) played head games with Oliver (Stephen Amell) again? It's very hard to tell what's real these days...

In this exclusive sneak peek at Lance's return, Oliver seems incredibly out of sorts at a party at Palmer Tech — yep, you read that right — where he meets up with the mayor of Star City. Said mayor just so happens to be a totally alive and kicking Quentin Lance.

Now, unless Oliver finally got conked on the head one too many times, we're very much buying the theory that this world is an alternate universe created by The Monitor, and Lyla's (Audrey Marie Anderson) whole story about being a double agent is a load of crap. But if it gets us our beloved Quentin Lance back, then is it really such a bad place to hang out?

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David Ramsey, who directed "Reset," teased that Blackthorne stole the show in his return, telling TV Guide, "I think Paul was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant in this episode. There are things he had to do and create — a character to not only service his own arc but also the larger arc of Oliver's — and he did it just brilliantly. I thought he was incredibly in this episode."

Arrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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