Season 6 of Arrow kicked off with the long-awaited revelation of who died in the Lian Yu explosion, but that's not the only major reveal headed our way. We're also gearing up to find out just who is beneath that Vigilante mask this season.

Though we only saw Vigilante in a handful of episodes in Season 5, those brief appearances still gave us a lot of info about who this masked man is, and who he definitely isn't.

First off, we can rule out the possibility that Vigilante will be a new character. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim has said that there's nothing all that fulfilling about unmasking a villain and having the audience wonder who the heck he/she is, so we should expect to recognize Vigilante as someone we've seen before when he is finally revealed.

We can also cross off all members of Team Arrow from our suspect list, since each of them has appeared in scenes with Vigilante, often getting their butts kicked by him. Thea (Willa Holland) and Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) also shared a scene with Vigilante, when the firearm-friendly villain tried to take out Oliver (Stephen Amell) for covering up Billy Malone's (Tyler Ritter) murder. Unless Arrow is going to go for a doppleganger-clone kind of thing, there's no way these characters could be in two places at once, meaning they're all exonerated. So who else could Vigilante be?

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Curtis' (Echo Kellum) husband Paul (Chenier Hundal), is a popular fan theory, but we've seen no evidence that Paul fits the bill physically since he's on the short side, and (as far as we know) unable to hold his own in a fight against half a dozen hostiles. When you add in the fact that Paul actually left Curtis because he wouldn't give up his vigilante lifestyle, the odds get even thinner.

Another potential baddie with a reliable alibi is Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), who was imprisoned on the island of Lian Yu during Vigilante's reign of terror in Star City. While he's certainly capable of all the acrobatics and sharp-shooting, he's not a good candidate thanks to his time in the top-secret slammer.

Personality-wise, Vigilante has no problem with hurting innocent people, calling them "collateral damage," and he's not interested in turning criminals in to the cops. If you've done something to get on his radar, he's going to shoot first and ask questions never. The odd exceptions to this are the female members of Team Arrow. While he's fine firing off rounds at Oliver and his male sidekicks, he's opted to use nonlethal force to subdue Evelyn (Madison McLaughlin) and Dinah (Juliana Harkavay) during altercations. It could be a coincidence — or it could be a hint.

The biggest clue we have about Vigilante's true identity is that he must have lost someone very close to him (most likely to the criminal element of Star City) because he said as much when debating his deadly tactics with Oliver. That loss is likely what turned him into a cold-blooded killer in the first place.

The best we can do at this point is make an educated guess, which is why we've compiled our three favorite potential suspects.

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Roy Harper (Colton Haynes):

We know Colton Haynes will be returning to Arrow in Season 6 — though we don't know for how long or in what capacity. Last we saw of Roy, he was leaving Star City once again after being blackmailed into helping Felicity's father steal technology, but there were no indicators that he planned to return to vigilante life or that he'd do so with such ruthless tactics and disregard for his old teammates. Still, he fits the bill as far as physicality goes; who else do you know that could fall off a rooftop and miraculously survive?

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Vincent Sobel (Clayton Chitty):

Remember that partner from Dinah's backstory? The guy she was romantically involved with while undercover in Central City? By all accounts, he should be dead like Dinah assumed, but we never actually saw a body. The second the gun went off behind him the wave from the particle accelerator hit him, which could explain away any miraculous recovery as well as why Vigilante is so gun happy. The one thing that sucks about this possibility? Vincent is barely a blip on fans' radar, so while it would certainly be shocking, we can't exactly consider him recognizable unless we get some serious flashbacks in Season 6 to his time with Dinah.

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Captain Pike (Adrian Holmes):

Pike has been around enough over the years for us to consider him a "familiar face," if not quite familiar enough to be a fulfilling reveal. He's also been tolerant of other vigilantes in Star City, including the Green Arrow, which means he at least sees the merits of capable citizens taking the law into their own hands. As police captain, he would also have access to the veritable arsenal Vigilante seems to carry around with him at all times. Unfortunately, he now walks with the assistance of a cane thanks to a stab wound from Prometheus. It could be a clever ruse, but if not, he's totally incapable of pulling of Vigilante's crimes.

Those are our guesses, what are yours?

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