The full trailer for Arrow's upcoming fifth season hit the interwebs Wednesday, and Oliver (Stephen Amell) is making bad life choices... again.

Having apparently learned nothing in the last four seasons, Oliver's answer to his problems this year will be to stick an arrow in them. That's right, he's back to killing anyone who stands in his way, meaning all the progress he'd been making has been erased. Even Thea (Willa Holland) points out that this is a major step backward for our hero, but hey, get outta here with your rational arguments, Thea! Ain't nobody got time for those!

The trailer, which in typical fashion manages to make Arrow look better than has been in recent seasons, also teases Team Arrow training new recruits, another terrible flashback wig for Ollie (why do you hate us, Arrow?!?!) and the man of the hour doing the salmon ladder in a suit instead of shirtless, which is just unfair to the viewing public.

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If that all sounds unbelievable to you, check out the trailer and see it for yourself. Then hit the comments with your thoughts on the new season, including where you stand on Dolph Lundgren as this season's Flashback Big Bad.

Arrow's fifth season premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8/7 on The CW.