Arrow has launched a season-long arc that exposes Oliver (Stephen Amell) to the public as the Green Arrow, and now we finally know who their star witness is: Roy Harper (Colton Haynes)?!

Oliver and the team rightly assumed that Roy would never testify against Oliver of his own free will — he faked his death to protect his secret identity for goodness sake — which is why they made it their mission to find and help him out of whatever bind Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) put him in.

One person who was not willing to sit and watch the rescue go down from the bunker? Thea (Willa Holland) of course! She zip-lined right in there and kissed him like he was some kind of damsel in distress. Cue ALL the feels. How is this ship still so amazing after being off the show for like three years?

Whatever the secret ingredient to their relationship is, they've still got it and Oliver couldn't help but notice.

Thea admitted that ever since Roy left, her life has seemed totally out of whack. First she had that bloodlust and the ensuing drama with her dad. Then she got blown up and spent months in a coma. It's hard to deny that her life (and Thea's storylines in general) have not been all that stunning in recent years, which is probably why Oliver suggested she might want to leave with Roy when they got him back.

Arrow: Roy Returns and Thea Suits Up!

Roy's arc in this season isn't over yet, so only time will tell whether Thea decides to stay or go. Something tells us the League of Assassins trying to recruit her as the heir of Ra's Al Ghul will help her make a decision.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to keep herself from being slaughtered by Dinah (Juliana Harkavay), Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) decided to turn herself in to police custody, claiming to be Laurel Lance. Is anyone in the news going to start questioning why Lance girls keep popping back up from very public deaths??

When Diaz and Anatoly (David Nykl) got wind of her little charade, they immediately kidnapped her to bring her back into the fold, which was not on her agenda. In the end, she double crossed Diaz to help Oliver get Roy back, taking her first small steps towards a redemption arc — psych!

It was all part of her plan to worm her way into the inner circle on Diaz's behalf. Honestly, will this girl ever change her colors?!

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Colton Haynes and Willa Holland, <em>Arrow</em>Colton Haynes and Willa Holland, Arrow