Arrow's much-anticipated Olicity episode did not disappoint.

When Chase (Josh Segarra) traps Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) in a bunker together, the estranged and injured duo have no choice but to talk out their issues (even though they really should be saving their breath since their oxygen is running out). But breathing be damned! Oliver and Felicity both had a lot to get off their chests and we're glad they finally talked it out.

When it came to Oliver's outrage over Felicity working with Helix, the genius hacker didn't back down. Felicity reminded Oliver that she always supports him, whether she necessarily agrees with him or not, but he never gives her the same blind trust. However, as Oliver revealed (while simultaneously passing out from blood loss), the reason Oliver reacted that way isn't because he doesn't trust Felicity; it's because he doesn't trust himself. Afraid he would die without telling Felicity the truth, Oliver unburdened himself, explaining that everything Team Arrow has done is based on a lie because he didn't put on the hood to be a hero. He did it because some part of him enjoys killing people.

Felicity promptly shot that line of thinking down, telling Oliver that she knows exactly the kind of man Oliver is, and that he isn't the monster Chase made Oliver believe he is. (Everyone knows that confessions made under duress are extremely unreliable, as she rightfully pointed out.) But despite Felicity's fierce objections, Oliver still isn't convinced. "I don't know the kind of man I am," he admitted.

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After an explosive rescue (literally) and receiving some much needed medical attention, Felicity visited Oliver in the hospital where it was her turn to pour her heart out. Felicity explained that after Billy's death she got a glimpse of everything Oliver has been through. Now, she finally understands why he lied about William and she's sorry she ever judged him for it. Then, with her eyes full of tears, Felicity pleaded with Oliver to focus on figuring out the kind of man he is.

It was a great resolution to an uneven storyline. And to be honest, words can't describe how happy we are to see them move on from this drawn-out fight. But now that Oliver and Felicity have finally repaired their relationship, where do they go from here?

After the pair broke up, there were worries about how the CW drama would handle their central couple splitting up, but still having to work together. Would it be super tense? Would it be awkward as hell? Would this essentially kill their playful banter? But much to fans' delight, Arrow actually found a nice groove in the wake of the Olicity breakup, with the series reminding fans that long before these two first hooked up, they were great as co-workers and friends. In fact, things were going so well that some were questioning whether Oliver and Felicity really are better off without any of that pesky romantic drama getting in the way.

Then Billy Malone was killed, and all hell broke loose. But now that Oliver and Felicity have worked through their issues, we're excited to see Team Arrow once again working as a team, with Oliver and Felicity united to lead them as friends and partners — but Arrow seems to be hinting that's not all their future holds.

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In between the high-stakes conversations about good, evil and where to draw the line, the episode also included a series of flashbacks to Oliver and Felicity in between Seasons 4 and 5 (after they were broken up, but before Billy came into the picture). In the steamy scenes, Oliver and Felicity have one last hook up after indulging in too much wine and Chinese food (not exactly the sexiest food in the world, but whatever floats your boat).

After their little romp around, it's clear that Oliver hoped this would lead to the pair finally talking through their issues, specifically the fact that he kept his son a secret from Felicity. But Felicity pointed out that even without William there wouldn't be any Olicity because Oliver doesn't trust her. "I was hoping that you'd change, but you don't trust anyone. I don't know why. Maybe if I knew why, things would be different," Felicity said. "I love you, but that's why I can't settle for anything less than your full trust."

Hmm... we don't think it's a coincidence that everything Felicity said she needed from Oliver in the past are issues they just dealt with in the present. Wanting his full trust? She apparently always had that. Wanting to understand why he's so guarded? She now knows why!

Of course, things aren't as simple as that, so it's not like Oliver and Felicity are going to start saliva-swapping again next week. But that being said, the writers didn't include those scenes for no reason. They wanted us to see that the huge rift that was keeping Oliver and Felicity apart isn't so big any more. In fact, it's downright miniscule!

Felicity telling Oliver to figure out what kind of man he is is important not just for Oliver's character growth and peace of mind, but it also pushes the pair one step closer to a romantic reconciliation. If Oliver can accept himself as a good person — a person worthy of the great Felicity Smoak — then he can let down his walls and truly trust her, because he'll have finally learned to trust himself.

Or they'll just stay friends. Who knows? We don't predict the future. But if we had to put our money on it, we'd bet that Arrow is starting to lay the groundwork for a future Olicity reconciliation.

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