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Deathstroke Will Be Back for Arrow Season 6

Deathstroke isn't going anywhere

Amanda Bell

After an endless spree of whiplash-inducing trolling that preceded Manu Bennett's return to the tail end of Arrow's fifth season, we don't have to guess whether the will be back next season.

As detailed by TVLine, Stephen Amell announced at the Heroes & Villains FanFest in Nashville on Saturday that Bennett's Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, will return again to Arrow in the new season (and possibly beyond). "I can report that Manu Bennett is back to being a part of the show, and I think we will see him multiple times this year, which is awesome," Amell said.


Deathstroke, who had arrived as a fan favorite villain of the series before being imprisoned on Lian Yu, may have fathered another son named Grant who could carry on his nefarious legacy. So, it's important to note that Amell mentioned the actor by name, rather than the character or his nickname. Also, since Amell's character, Oliver Queen, recently visited Slade Wilson with a request for help combating Adrian Chase, the two are going to be on the ally side of their back-and-forth relationship for a while -- at least at first.

And it seems like he'll have an interesting impact on Oliver going forward.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weeklythat the new season will feature a "different version of Oliver" who's got "a different sense of himself." Guggenheim added, "In season 6, I think you'll see Oliver giving the people in his life the advice for a change. He's been through five years of being this superhero and he went through five years of hell before that, so he's got 10 years of very heavy experience to start to bring to bare, and that's something we're interested in seeing more of a mentoring Oliver as the various people in his life face their challenges."

Could one of those challenges be Slade Wilson's fight to save his lost son Joe (and himself)? TBD.

For now, though, it looks like Bennett will have no reason to play his clever internet games about whether or not he'll actually return to the series again, since Amell has confirmed it... but that hasn't stopped him in the past.

Arrow returns to The CW for its sixth season on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c.
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