Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Jason Bateman Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman and Ron Howard presented producer pal Brian Grazer with the Abe Burrows Entertainment Award at the Alzheimer's Association's "A Night at Sardi's" event — and I was there to land some scoop on Arrested Development's new season. The fresh episodes, which will be released by Netflix in May, pick up right where the show left off on Fox in 2006, executive producer Howard says.

"One of the very last lines in the show was when [I say in voice-over], 'I don't think [Arrested Development] is a TV show; maybe it's a movie,'" he says. "So in the new season, we create a heightened version of Imagine Entertainment," Howard and Grazer's production company.

"We talk about what could be our new Da Vinci Code," Grazer says, referencing the movie the duo produced in 2006. And according to Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth, "in one episode, I get stuck in an elevator with Ron and Brian." But it's not your typical close-quarters scenario. Howard says, "It has a lot to do with our inflated egos."

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