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_Arrested Development_: The Bluths Are Finally Reunited in Zany Season 5 Trailer

A lot has changed!

Keisha Hatchett

The Bluths are finally back together!

Everyone's favorite criminally dysfunctional family is back under the same roof again in a new trailer for Season 5 of Arrested Development, which arrives Tuesday, May 29 on Netflix. It's been years since we've seen them -- new episodes haven't been released since 2013 -- and some changes are headed to the quirky comedy.

The new season finds Lindsay Bluth (Portia De Rossi) running for office to be "a part of the problem" and the Bluths have decided to award themselves the honor of "Family of the Year" just because they can. And while some things have changed, you can also expect the family to get back to their same old, off-beat antics.

Netflix Is Recutting Arrested Development's Season 4 to Make It Funnier

All the major players are returning for the upcoming season including Jason Bateman, Jessica Walter and Jeffrey Tambor, who was recently let go from the Amazon series Transparent following allegations of sexual misconduct. Co-stars David Cross and Bateman have publicly supported Tambor, while Alia Shawkat has said she supports "the voices of the victims" and hopes the accusations will be handled legally.

The fifth season also comes after creator Mitch Hurwitz recut the experimental fourth season and released a "remix" of it in response to the widespread criticism earlier this month.

Arrested Development returns for Season 5 on Tuesday, May 29 on Netflix.