Dog the County Hunter, Beth Chapman Dog the County Hunter, Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman has found herself on the other side of the law.

An arrest warrant for the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter has been issued after Chapman got into a non-violent altercation in Colorado, reports.

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While fishing with her husband and kids, a teenager in a car sped past. Chapman allegedly yelled at the teen, whom she called a tramp, a slut and a whore. Chapman then reportedly called 911, claiming someone who was with the teen was carrying a gun.

When the police arrived, Chapman and her family had left. Because it's illegal to taunt or use "coarse language" against someone in Colorado, the teenager filed a criminal harassment complaint against Chapman. Police attempted to notify Chapman to pick up the summons, but she reportedly did not show up, which is when they issued an arrest warrant.

Chapman's lawyer has reportedly been in contact with authorities to arrange Chapman turning herself in.