Sally Pressman Sally Pressman

Army Wives' season finale left several unanswered questions: Will Roxy lose her bar? Is Claudia Joy leaving the base? What will happen to those philandering Sherwoods? But according to Sally Pressman, who plays the spunky Army wife Roxy, these questions will all be answered at the start of Season 3 (premiering Sunday, June 7 at 10 pm/ET on Lifetime).

"We have a new group of writers and together with the show-runner, they had an idea which of the problems they were going to tie up so that we can move on to a new season of things," Pressman tells "A lot of things get resolved in that first episode so it opens it up in for Season 3 — kind of like a blank slate a little bit, in a very good way."

According to Pressman, the plan is to focus and reestablish the characters' individual voices at the beginning of this season. For Roxy, this means she'll be reevaluating now that Betty's nephew Collin has shown up looking to take over her half of their bar.

"Roxy and Trevor are suffering financially. They are at the bottom of the food chain in the group, and Roxy's business is not doing well," says Pressman. "So what do you do when you're in financial crisis and you have two kids you have to provide for? It's something a lot of people are going to understand right now and are going to be familiar with."

In addition to Roxy's money woes, Pressman also revealed that fans can expect "an addition to the LeBlanc household" and a whole lot more of Trevor and Roxy together.

As far as the rest of the group, the challenges of friendship become an issue as the new season gets underway. "I don't know if this group has ever really been tested with what happens when you have a big fight, or what happens when a friend you depend on does something that you really disagree with," Pressman revealed. "And that break and reunion is something you will see at the beginning of this season."