Brigid Brannagh, <I>Army Wives</i> Brigid Brannagh, Army Wives

This week on Lifetime's Army Wives (Sunday, 10 pm/ET), Pamela makes her debut as the leader of the new Army Family Team Building support group, a lark by which she'll get some insight into guy pal Roland's increasingly troubled psyche. But what else might the tomboy wife tackle in the weeks to come? Brigid Brannagh gave us a sneak peek. What is Pamela up to this season, besides heading up the AFTB?
Brigid Brannagh: Well, there's that, and there actually are a few professions for Pam this year, as she searches for herself. She's all over the place, which I think is kind of funny. I mean, she's going to coach football! How does she fall into that?
Brannagh: Basically, I start helping my son play football, so I spend a lot of time taking him to games. I get along with the coach, and he needs an assistant, and all of the sudden I'm doing the manly thing and taking charge. Does she pour herself into it?
Brannagh: To say I pour myself into it is to put it mildly. It gets to the point that I'm acting like an 8-year-old, and I have to pull myself in line. It's a funny storyline, but let me tell you: I grew up playing football in the street with brothers, but here I was like, "Oh crap!" They wanted to me to throw a tight spiral, and I was like, "Wait a minute..." I can run faster than anybody and score a touchdown that way, but a tight spiral? That's complicated! So I've been working on that. Do you ever wish Pamela had more angst to deal with, like Claudia Joy (played by Kim Delaney) and Denise (Catherine Bell)?
Brannagh: I like to be the bit of comic relief — after all, life is kind of boring. But I just read the script that we're [shooting] this week, and I definitely have a lot more angst for the next few episodes. I always get so emotional reading scripts like that. Then again, angst is overrated. After all, Claudia Joy's life utterly sucks these days.
Brannagh: [Laughs] I know, she's been through hell and back. Claudia Joy is this perfect lady who still has all this crap happen to her. Why are you all being so gosh darn mean to Denise? Is that going to change?
Brannagh: "So gosh darn mean." [Laughs] I know, we are kind of wicked. You have all but sewn a scarlet "A" on her blouse.
Brannagh: I think they wanted to express that kind of feeling — that it's very difficult when you're all friends and somebody cheats on somebody they say they love. I've been in that kind of situation, and it's an odd thing when you see your friend going down a strange road. So yeah, it's very odd in the beginning because of that — we're all used to a certain [dynamic], so the fact that we were at odds is unusual — but we do recover.

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