Ariana Grande released the music video for her new single "Focus" late Thursday night. And though Grande is one of the biggest and most talented pop stars out there right now, her first single of her forthcoming album is ... not great.

The music video for "Focus," which finds Grande once again dipping into Big Band futurism, features Grande prancing, preening, pretending to play the trumpet and trying to dance in a room whose ceilings are too low to allow the starlet to do anything but bend over and wiggle.

So please, producers, next time don't put Ariana Grande in a box, both literally and figuratively. The best thing she has is her voice, which has the range and control to rival Mariah Carey's. Give Grande a single where she can really sing and not merely pseudo-rap while a Mystikal wannabe howls and screeches through a chorus that is nothing more than a weaker version of "Problem."

That's right. "Focus" is making us miss Iggy Azalea. Things have gotten dire.

Watch the full video below.