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Are Hugo Strange's Monster Men Coming to Gotham?

BD Wong tells us what he knows

Megan Vick

It turns out that Gotham's Hugo Strange (BD Wong) isn't just interested in rehabilitating Gotham City's living villains. He also wants to reanimate the felled ones from the dead.

At the end of Monday's episode, audiences got a glimpse of Hugo's secret Indian Hill lab, where he's keeping the bodies of some familiar faces, cryogenically stored. Galavan (James Frain) is the most obvious. There's also a redhead facing the opposite direction right behind him that could easily be Jerome (Cameron Monaghan). These tanks look very similar to how we saw Fish (Jada Pinkett Smith) before the winter break.

In the comic books, Hugo Strange is most famous for making an army of Frankenstein-like monsters do his bidding. Now that Hugo has Victor Fries (Nathan Darrow) and the formula to bring people back from the dead, Gotham's version of the Monster Men could be a group of super-charged versions of villains we've already faced.

Hugo Strange will super-charge Gotham's villains

However, BD Wong tells TVGuide.com that it may be a while before fans get a firm answer to what's happening with the bodies at Indian Hill. "The last three episodes, which are of course the pivotal episodes, are probably where the Victor Fries relationship gets even more fleshed out," he says. "In some ways, they are codependent on each other. Victor Fries becomes one of Hugo's experiments. Victor becomes one of the people that's becoming super-charged."

Reanimation is the goal though, and whether the old villains become the actual Monster Men or return to their predeceased forms, Gotham has a lot to be afraid of right now. "We know that he's interested in reanimation. Why he's interested in that or what he's going to do with that ability isn't really clear, even to me," Wong says. "It does mean, if he's ever successful in reanimating someone, that all bets are off for anyone that's ever died."

Which villains do you want to see return to Gotham?

Gotham continues Mondays at 8/9c on FOX.

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