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After being a fairly loyal member of the Friendship from the get go, April Lewis made an unfriendly exit from the Big Brother house last Tuesday night. After her pal, Ivette, won the Power of Veto competition — and was a little too exuberant in her celebrating — April gave her a piece of her mind. Too bad Ivette had control over who went home and, of course, picked the 31-year-old pharmaceutical rep instead of her buddy, Maggie. TVGuide.com caught up with the recently married Texan to find out what she thought about the fight, Howie's comments about her husband and dog and what she most wants to do now.

TVGuide.com: So are you relieved to be out of that crazy house?
April Lewis:
Uh, yeah! I haven't slept all night, I'm still getting over the high of getting out of the house. I'm so excited.

TVGuide.com: What do you want to do when you're completely done with the show?
Gosh, I just want to just go eat and have someone wait on me, and not have to pick up after myself. That's my first goal.

TVGuide.com: And of course see your husband, Matt....
Of course, that's a given. Him, Pepperoni [my dog] and my parents are my life. Then I want to just go and eat a big, fat meal and tell them what I want, and they'll pick up my plates for me. Then just go home and relax in a bathtub with no cameras on me.

TVGuide.com: All things that we often take for granted.
Yes! Last night I was in the bathroom, and I was like, "Oh, my gosh, there are no cameras. I don't have to worry about putting a towel over me." It's so insane.

TVGuide.com: You made it pretty far, to the final four. Were you surprised?
I was very surprised — not that I didn't think I could make it, but I went into the house not having expectations. I didn't want to be discouraged or anything, and next thing I know, I'm in the final four, going, "My gosh, what happened here?" The time flew.

TVGuide.com: Before you left, you fought with Ivette. Are you sad about that now or relieved you got that off your chest?
Ivette knew something was bothering me, and the way she reacted to winning the Power of Veto really hurt my feelings. She knew she would be sending me home, so to react like that was very uncalled for, because we had helped her a lot in the game. I just had a lot of stuff boiling inside of me, but she wanted to hear it. So I laid it on the line for her, and I felt so much better getting it off my chest. It hurt my feelings that I had to hurt her, but I feel like I handled it like an adult. How she handled it amazed me. I knew I could never win against Ivette, so there was no need to sit there and battle back with her because nothing would have come of it. I just let her say her piece and I felt 110 percent after I got that off my chest.

TVGuide.com: How is your relationship now?
We really weren't talking much [anyway]. Before leaving the house, I told her I loved her and I wished her the best, and to hang in there. She just kind of said, "Yeah, whatever." I really genuinely do like her, and that was what I was trying to tell her that day. I know that I hurt her feelings. We weren't on great talking terms, but I think she truly does feel bad. I think it will be better once she gets out of the house, for sure.

TVGuide.com: You did tell Janelle that you would consider voting for her instead of Ivette. Were you angry at that point, or were you seriously considering that?
I told Maggie that. I was very PO'ed at that point. It was a heat-of-the-moment thing when I told Maggie that I would vote for Janelle over Ivette, but I don't know what I'm going to do. I know I'd definitely vote for Maggie, because I love her to death. I'm going to have to see the competitions before I really decide who I'm going to vote for in the final two.

TVGuide.com: Are you dreading going to the sequester house?
I'm so psyched about going to the sequester house. I could sit here and sulk, saying I didn't win the $500,000, but that really wasn't my goal going in. I didn't put that in my head. If I would have won it, it would have been great, a real surprise. But to be out of that house is amazing. I'm just going to keep a positive attitude and be happy about what I have outside of these walls, like my family and my husband and stuff.

TVGuide.com: What's the real story of how you know your partner, Jennifer?
I had tried out for a reality show over a year ago and met her at the casting [call]. She and I became friends — didn't really see each other in person a lot, but talked on the phone a lot and found out that we were sorority sisters from different colleges.

TVGuide.com: Is there anything you hope didn't make it to TV?
Yes. I'm hoping it doesn't, but now that I'm telling you, it probably will: I never knew that when I ate grapes that I would get gas so bad. They'd cut me off from the grapes at night. I'm not a gassy person. I think it was just the food being changed up and your body being changed. I was like, "Please don't tell me they are putting all of this on air, because this is not normally how I am."

TVGuide.com: One thing we did see is you talking about how hard it was to be away from your husband and not to have, um, "relations." Are you worried your mom will see that?
I'm not that sexual of a person, but after being around crazy people like that forever and listening to Howie, you start of thinking about it. Maggie and I, we got a little happy toward the end. My mom is like, so awesome, and she is the coolest mom in the world, so I knew she would be OK with it. Plus, I'm married, so whatever. God made us women for a reason.

TVGuide.com: Are you worried that Matt and Howie are going to come to blows at the finale?
No. Matt is such a grown-up, and he takes things with a grain of salt. Howie apologized to me and he said he apologized to Matt in the [diary room]. Howie is Howie; he was upset, and I understand why he was upset, I just wish he hadn't taken it out on me. Spread the wealth a little bit!