April Dowling, <EM>Big Brother 10</EM> April Dowling, Big Brother 10

April Dowling said she didn't do anything to deserve being evicted from the Big Brother 10 house. True, she was quite "friendly" (she let a 75-year-old man grab her breasts on Day 1 and a quick YouTube search will return multiple videos of her cozying up with her showmance partner Ollie, obviously forgetting —or not caring — that the camera is always running), but the feeling with the rest of the house apparently wasn't mutual. Though she has no idea how much of her has made its way onto the Internet, we were able to chat about her 4-1 eviction, how she really feels about Keesha and, of course, her showmance.

TVGuide.com: How are you doing after your first night out of the house?
April Dowling: I'm going on lack of sleep, but that's OK — I haven't been sleeping that well in the house anyway because there are some snoring problems in the house. So me not getting much sleep was fine.

TVGuide.com: Care to call out any of the snorers?
April: [Laughs] I'm sure if you've watched the show you know who they are.

TVGuide.com: While on the block you told Ollie you hadn't done anything to deserve being nominated. Knowing how this game works, do you really feel that way?
April: When you are placed on the block, you have a lot of mixed emotions. I did play the game well, and I did have disagreements with a few people in the house, but I really hadn't done much to Renny, who ultimately nominated me. But with her alliance, obviously Keesha and I had some disagreements in our time there, but never anything with Renny. So I was kind of upset that she didn’t make a decision of her own, and maybe put me on the block for Keesha's sake.

TVGuide.com: But isn't that type of nominating by committee exactly what your original alliance with Libra was doing?
April: Completely. This game has been that way a lot, with the head of household only listening to the alliance. That's not fair — everybody needs their own vote and everyone has a decision of their own. That's the way it should go. But a lot of people are trying to protect themselves by staying in these alliances, and they have to realize that when it gets down to less and less people, that's not going to stick. But Renny said she put me on the block because I was a strong competitor, and if that's the case, then I respect that.

TVGuide.com: You told Julie you have nothing bad to say about Keesha, but we saw you say some pretty nasty things about her to Ollie….
April: [Laughs] When you're in the moment, and when you are with people 24/7 and can't get away, you're frustrated. They're sitting there cursing you out and making negative comments about you, so of course you're going to retaliate and not just sit there and take it. So those comments I made I think were kind of random and probably inappropriate of me. But you feel that way, and you can't get away from those feelings, considering that person is still staring you in the face. So you just keep fuming and fuming until it comes out in words. So I do regret some of the things I said about her, but I'm sure she didn't only talk about roses with me either. We won’t ever be friends outside of the house, but I will get along with her when she comes to the jury house, which I definitely see happening.

TVGuide.com: Did Dan ever show any indication that he might take the money you offered him?
April: A final offer was never laid out there to Dan. I told him that I had some monetary items that I could offer him as well as protection in the game, but never was a discussion had that a decision on an exact amount was made.  It was really just thrown out there as something for him to bite on if chose to, but it was always a vague conversation.

TVGuide.com: How shocked were you during the veto ceremony when he ambiguously mentioned that someone had offered him money?
April: I was extremely shocked. It was probably one of the most shocking moments in the game for me. I was very angry, and I think the only reason Dan did that was to make himself look better. He was like, "Yeah, this was offered to me, but I'm protecting my alliance by not taking it," when that wasn't the case at all. It was basically thrown out there, and to be quite frank about it, Dan approached Ollie about me having money. And then Dan approached Jerry about the money two, basically saying, "I have the veto, do other one of you want it." So it really made me and Jerry look bad, when in fact Dan approached me about it.

TVGuide.com: Do you think the other houseguests got it out of Dan to which nominee he was referring?
April: I'm sure some people assumed it was me, and I'm sure some thought it was Jerry. I think Dan wanted to keep it quiet, since there wasn't an exact number given. He wanted to continue to make himself look good, and by keeping it unknown he did so, since he didn't have a lot of truth behind it.

TVGuide.com: So Ollie is he really more than a showmance?
April: Oh, gosh, that's the question of the day. Our relationship is wonderful. He was definitely my best friend on the show. We were able to share a lot of moments together, and he was able to take my mind off of all the chaos that was going on in the house. So, it was nice and refreshing. I definitely see Ollie and I having some sort of relationship outside the Big Brother house, but what that entails I'm not sure. We haven't even talked on the phone before! So, it just depends on what the real world and life outside the house brings us because so many things can change.

TVGuide.com: Did you ever feel like you were carrying Ollie?
April: I don't think I was carrying him, and he felt really bad throughout the season that he wasn't winning competitions and that I was being the stronger competitor. I always had to reassure him that it absolutely wasn't like that. I'm proud of how he played the game, and I would never fault him for not winning competitions.

TVGuide.com: Do you think he can go on to win without you?
April: Some people play that role and don't win competitions so that they don't become a target. They lay low and sometimes get further in the game. In this case, obviously Ollie has. As far as who goes to the end, I'm not sure because there are a lot of great people left in the house. But I have my favorite, of course, in Ollie.

TVGuide.com: Are you surprised by the amount of floaters still in the house?
April: In the beginning, there were a lot of strong personalities, and we all built alliances around those. With all of those strong personalities and alliances, we targeted Dan, Renny and Jerry. We knew they would go either way and never really had any sort of honor with any group, so we were targeting them. But then we started picking off each other instead, and sent out some of the stronger players. So I definitely see the possibility of a floater winning this year.

TVGuide.com: Are you dreading spending a week alone in the jury house with Libra?
April: [Laughs] Libra and I got along great the first few weeks. Now, we're playing a different part of the game, and I'm sure we will have a different outlook on the game. I respect Libra, I think she's a very powerful woman and she and I have a lot to talk about. So it should be interesting.

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