The Apprentice
For supposedly smart financial wizards, the Apprentice candidates sure did some dumb things this week. Honestly, it's hard to pick out the worst idea of the bunch. Was it Team Gold Rush planning an entire event to promote the Chevy Tahoe without a theme? Maybe it was Synergy deciding to have a

Dick Cheney-style skeet shoot in a public park. No, then it had to be Lenny, the Mad Russian, not renting a generator to run a revolving stage, right? (His response, "It's not my problem," was priceless. Who's problem was it, exactly?) How about Tarek digging post holes so the Chevy-dealership guys could pretend to play golf on a dirt track? For her part, Charmaine hired a foulmouthed comedienne for the event, then proceeded to pay her in full. (Does that count as two stupid moves or just one big one?) And where does Theresa not taking Charmaine into the boardroom stack up among the bonehead plays? For my money, the worst move of the night came from the producers. In a medium where "jump the shark" is lingo for losing your edge, it's pretty stupid for a ratings-starved reality series to go all Jaws with its prizes. Although I was hoping for a Brent-related "boating accident" at the Atlantis. The only ones who made a heads-up play were Dan and Lee, who took off for Rosh Hashanah and avoided the whole mess altogether. It was no holiday in the boardroom, however, as tempers flared between Theresa, Lenny and Tarek (the dumbest Mensa member on the planet). In the end the Donald was the one who played it smart and gave Theresa the boot.