The Apprentice: Martha StewartIt wasn't an impossible mission: Create an in-flight promotional commercial for Song airlines. Ryan

, PM for Matchstick, took that to mean that he could turn the ad into a vehicle for one's latent acting aspirations. Poor guy thought he was Kevin Costner

, starring in, directing and producing a baseball commercial. Why didn't Marcela remind him that their product was an airline? A cat somewhere must have her tongue not being PM doesn't mean not advancing any ideas of your own. I want to think that Marcela was working a Jim-style strategy by letting Ryan get drunk and flame out on his own, but we all know that's not the case. Marcela's passionate about her cooking interests, but she's not a forceful person. Whatever the PM says goes, be it subliminal messages, ridiculous taglines or bad acting. Martha's looking for some backbone in an apprentice, so it's no surprise to me that she snuffed out Matchstick's light and sent both Ryan the artist and Marcela the shrinking violet home. This leaves Bethenny, Dawna and Jim (!!) in the final three. 

Eleven weeks ago I never would have thought that Jim would make it to this stage of the game, but he added some spice to the show, and Martha's no dummy. Leaving him in for the long haul may have bumped up the ratings a smidge. Primarius' win scored the team a day of horseback riding and a board game with Martha at her home. Tell me this, though: what publishing professional gets flustered by Scrabble? Dawna failed to impress with her inability to make a seven-letter word. Sadly for her, that may have sealed her fate. So really, it's down to Bethenny and Jim. Bethenny's got the drive, the spine and maybe even the personality to be Martha's apprentice, but who knows? Jim keeps squeaking by and he may do so one last time. I'd call that a mission possible.